Solution overview
Company name: Pradeo
Solution category: Security-MDM
Primary target industry: Cross-industry
Supported devices: Smartphone, Tablet
Availability: All locations

Solution summary

To address costly cyberattacks and ever-evolving mobile threats, Pradeo based its solution on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

Pradeo Security 360° Mobile Threat Defense efficiently protects mobile endpoints by combining a 360° approach, real-time analysis and on-device remediation. It is an automated solution that auto-adapts to its environment to provide fast, appropriate and proactive threat management. It protects mobile devices from applications, network and device-related threats.

Pradeo and Samsung joint solution, Pradeo Security for Samsung, goes one step further by combining Pradeo’s detection technology and Samsung layer control capabilities to provide an optimized mobile threat protection on Samsung devices.

Pradeo Security for Samsung only neutralizes applications' unwanted behaviors while allowing collaborators to still use them. Threats are automatically blocked according to the defined security policy. It smoothly protects mobile users while maintaining their agility.

"At a time where technical limits are being continually redefined, the protection of data manipulated from smartphones stands at the heart of mobility concerns. Pradeo Security for Samsung widens access to security on Samsung devices and allows users to safely enjoy their smartphone" says Ram Motipally, Head of Software and Solutions, B2B Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics America.

"The incorporation of our cutting-edge security technology with the best-in-class Samsung mobile devices brings a whole new level protection to enterprise customers", said Stephane Saad, Pradeo's Chief Strategy Officer.

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

  • Unique protection of Samsung smartphones and tablets
  • Wards off known, unknown and advanced threats (malwares, leaky applications, phishing, OS exploits...)
  • Unprecedented agility in application security management
  • Prevents data breach
  • Preserves business agility
  • Customizable security policy
  • Integrated with key UEM / EMM / MDM (BlackBerry, VMware, MobileIron, IBM MaaS360, Microsoft Intune...)
  • Android, iOS, COPE and BYOD friendly
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