Solution overview
Company name: Conversa Solutions LLC
Solution category: Security-MDM
Primary target industry: Cross-industry
Samsung SDKs / services used: knox_customization, knox_customization_android, Knox Standard SDK
Supported devices: Smartphone
Availability: United States

Solution summary

subsidyLOCK protects a Retailer, Carrier, or MVNO's up-front investment/subsidy on their device. subsidyLOCK marries the device IMEI to the SIM and immediately locks the device if the two are separated. Users must call Customer Service to either pay their remaining device costs or get a PIN to unlock their device. The lock screen is totally customized to the retailer’s brand and messaging.

Samsung SDKs/Services used:

  • Knox Standard SDK – Disable unwanted SIM use
  • Knox Customization Configurator – OTA deployment of the solution
  • Knox Customization SDK – ProKiosk Mode

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

  • National Retail – Device Leasing and Installment plans
  • Network Operator & MVNO – Leasing and Installment plans
  • Finance – Asset Protection & Subsidy Management