Solution overview
Company name: FarEye
Solution category: Industry with mobile workforce, Unified communication & collaboration
Primary target industry: Transportation & logistics
Samsung SDKs / services used: Knox Standard SDK
Supported devices: Smartphone
Availability: All countries

Solution summary

FarEye is a SaaS mobility platform that helps companies schedule & dispatch jobs, monitor executions and analyze performance, all in real time making businesses more responsive, customer-centric and profitable. Automation, visibility, and real-time co-ordination ensure on-time completion of jobs, reduced TAT and increased accountability of employees.

FarEye solves the critical problems faced by any enterprise i.e. real time co-ordination between jobs, mobile workers and on-demand consumer requests.  FarEye’s platform supports exhaustive features like: Automated routing for dispatch, on-demand dispatch for JIT Requests, capacity planning, live performance dashboard for multiple branches, Reports and analytics to improve the speed of decision making, Geo co-ordinates & ePoD capture, live tracking and ETA to customer, one touch assist buttons for employees on the go, high data security with in-built MDM, BPM Engine amongst many others.

SDK used: Samsung Knox Standard SDK

APIs used: 


Functionality Implemented:

  •            Restrict to change settings like GPS, Wi-Fi
  •            Keep application always running on top
  •            Disable notification for other apps
  •            Disable Android browser, Play Store, Youtube
  •            Disable and limiting outgoing SMS
  •            Adding other apps in blacklist to force stop  

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

BPM Engine

  • Configurable Workflow Composer
  • Standard BPM Notations
  • Process Monitoring Dashboards
  • Templates for entire logistics process

Web Interface for Manager

  • Automated routing for dispatch
  • On-demand dispatch for JIT requests
  • Capacity planning
  • Live visibility of work and people
  • Live performance dashboard for multiple hubs & branches

Mobile App for Field Employees

  • Native Android app
  • High data security with in-built MDM
  • One touch assist to navigate/call
  • Live tracking to customer
  • Capture ePOD, NPS, Snapshot & Geo-coordinates

Reports & Analytics

  • Workforce efficiency report
  • Completion time & delay report
  • Attendance & travel report
  • Customer feedback report 



First Mile Pick-up

  • API integration to push orders
  • Hub mapping based on ZIP codes
  • Auto schedule & dispatch
  • Facilitate marketplace pickups 
  • Inscan, Bagging & Outscan modules

Hyperlocal & On-Demand

  • Auto assignment & broadcast
  • Time bound acceptance alerts
  • Live tracking to customer
  • Multiple job status updates
  • Facilitate reverse pickups

Last Mile Delivery

  • Intelligent algorithm for Auto Routing
  • DRS on runner's mobile app
  • One touch assistance for runners
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Payment reconciliation with COD
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