Solution overview
Company name: Nivaata Systems Pvt Ltd.
Solution category: Productivity (BI)
Primary target industry: Retail & hospitality
Samsung SDKs / services used: kea, Knox Premium SDK
Supported devices: Smartphone, Tablet
Availability: All locations

Solution summary

FieldView is a cloud based mobile field resource management software. FieldView has customized workflows for

  • Field Service where the goal is to improve first fix rate
  • Field Sales where the goal is to increase revenue per sales route
  • Logistics and distribution where the goal is to deliver faster and reduce cost per delivery

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Beat Plan

Create pre-scheduled customer visit plan or route daily using our patented routing algorithm

Job Creation & Dispatch: 

Create jobs on the cloud and instantly dispatch to a field resource's mobile nearest to the job location

Resource Attendance: 

Capture attendance through the mobile app with location information

Map Based Tracking: 

Real time tracking and historical path trace even when internet is switched off

Mobile CRM: 

CRM module to capture and access customer information from the field

Customer Geo-Tagging: 

Geo tag customer locations using the mobile app

Customer Engagement: 

Send visit information to the customer along with live tracking URL of the field resource for last mile customer engagement

Proof of Visit: 

Capture proof of visit like signature and photos to detect data fudging  

Customizable Forms for Data Capture: 

Create custom forms to capture data from the field. Geo Tag form data submission. Supports data capture even without an active internet connection

 Invoicing & Expense Management: 

Generate invoices for every sale made. Capture expense reports.

Trigger Location Based Events: 

Trigger events such as personalized offers and sales scripts to field resources based on their location

Performance Analytics: 

Analyze field force performance and utilization, rich map based visualization of customer information, sales data etc.


Key Industries & Processes

FMCG: Distribution planning, order taking, beat planning, outlet sales performance, suggested order quantity for each outlet, SKU level sales performance for each geography, product display placement audit, new product rollout, geo-tagging of outlets

BFSI: KYC process, sales visit planning, lead management, collections and recovery, insurance survey

Telecom Tower Maintenance: Service ticket assignment, service personnel tracking, fault diagnosis data capture

Ecommerce & Food Delivery: Delivery planning, returns planning, real time delivery tracking

Courier Companies: Daily route planning, real time tracking

Market Research: Field Surveys, geo-tagging of survey response submissions

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

  1. For the field sales organization, FieldView deployment increases revenue per sales route.
  2. For the field service organization, FieldView deployment improves first fix rate thereby reducing the cost of service and improving customer satisfaction
  3. For the distribution and logistics use case, FieldView deployment reduces the cost per delivery through better route planning and enables last mile customer engagement.

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