Solution overview
Company name: Intellitronika srl
Solution category: Command and Control for Law Enforcement applciation
Primary target industry: Cross-industry
Samsung SDKs / services used: kea, Knox Standard SDK
Supported devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable
Availability: All locations

Solution summary

Uses the Knox Standard SDK for device management and control:

-Device control: manage all the settings of the device remotely.

-Self provisioning configuration: provide an auto-configuration of the device at first boot time.

-Block device settings and access: deny any access to the settings to avoid any misconfiguration.

-Security: encrypt data and preserve the access to any other insecure application.

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

The application suite O.D.I.N.O. was created in collaboration with the Arma dei Carabinieri, and represents the excellence in the sector of professional and public security.
The solution can be used by the operator on foot, motorcycle-mounted service, or installed on board of a police car.
Connectivity is ensured by 3G, LTE, 4G / LTE advanced, Wifi, Bluetooth modem devices, able to cover all the todays’ connectivity possibilities on the market.
The O.D.I.N.O. system is integrated with the IntelliKore Operations Centre.
Among the main functions, the constant geolocation, the reception of multimedia file from the field (photos, video, video streaming, audio streaming) the management of the alarm signals sent by patrols and the bi-directional messaging style chat.
The main features of the solution are:

1. Audio/video streaming in near real time of both tablet/smartphone camera and  external cameras (i.e. dashcams or body cam or fixed camera) to the control room. The streaming may be activated either from the operator or from the Control Room remotely

2. Direct access to all the databases (national, international, prorietary and criminal databases) directly from the user in mobility granitng total awarness of the suspect without any delay due to communincation with the Control Room. answers from the databases are granted within 7 seconds .Database Access (Ermes Client Mobile) Single Sign on database access module. The connection with all the relevant databases (SDI-MCTC-ANIA-ACIPRAEUCARIS) is established managing all the credential in a unique solution through the Ermes Gateway.

3. Encrypted messagging

4. Ticketing in mobility

5.  Mini Control Room. all the user can see the other users which are within a specific area directly from their smartphone. they can exchange messages and alarms and they can switch on the cameras of the other users so to have a full knowledge of the surrondings during the operation.

6. Real Time alarm management towards the Control Room. The function automatically activates the device built in microphone and webcam; in the Control Room, a video and audio flux coming from the device is received.

7. Navigation. Complete cartographic navigation software. Routing engine and dynamic updates. 3D navigation tool, user interface, customizable POI. Maps installed on the device.

8. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR): our vision is iincluding in the search not only stoln vehicles but all the kind of information on the owner or on the car itself not directly related to criminal offences (suc as revision of the vehicle done, insurance, etc)

9. Photo/Video camera. Function allowing the operator to take and memorize on the memory support pictures and videos. In addition the operator can start a near real time video streaming transmission. The application is integrated with external cameras. Videostreaming can be started both from the operator and on remote from the Control Room.

10. Security Map. The security map application has been studied for the transfer of geolocalized and categorized information, related to specific illegal activities using the interaction between professional operators and citizens so to create a map (server side) of georeferenced and timestamped events.

11. Videosurveillance 2.0. The module generates on the operator’s display all the video fluxes coming both from the fixed cameras active in the relevant area of intervention and the cameras of the other operators.

The solution is completed with the suite of application for the Control Room which is integrable and scalable on the already existing Control Room of the clients.

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