Solution overview
Solution category: Messaging, Productivity (BI), Security-MDM, Security-VPN, Unified communication & collaboration, Virtualization
Primary target industry: Cross-industry
Samsung SDKs / services used: knox_customization, knox_customization_android, kea, knox_sdp_android, Knox Standard SDK
Supported devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable, Smart Tvs
Availability: All countries

Solution summary

EasyonPAD uses Knox Cutomization and Knox Standard SDK

The platform makes extensive use of most of Knox SDK APIs features

EasyonPAD implemented many key elements and features such as Kiosk mode, MDM, System settings control, remote app management, system data wipe, enhanced security features amoongst others.


Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

EasyonPAD Platform is a remote device management cloud platform (PaaS) and application - Cross-Industry Solution, Platform as a Service(PaaS), Mobile Device Management with Additional MDM features and Content management platform for B2B and B2B Solutions.

Multiple Pre-defined Verticals. Over 1500 pre-defined functions and features.

EasyonPAD Platform based Solutions run on any Android device + Knox Customization.
A fully functional platform for Hardware resellers and VAR Partners to offer as Turn Key solution along with Samsung Hardware, 3G/4G Connectivity and Knox Customization, 

With EasyonPAD Platform and Samsung Devices, Customers will be able rent devices, communicate, improve internal processes in B2B or improve B2C Loyalty, sell, upsell, retain & entice. Connecting customers, staff and business at  real time. You can find more information about us on our web page:

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