Solution overview
Company name: Weblib
Solution category: Security-MDM
Primary target industry: Retail & hospitality
Samsung SDKs / services used: knox_customization_android
Supported devices: Tablet
Availability: All locations

Solution summary

Tab inStore (Customers’ side)
Our solution provides a customized and secured kiosk for Samsung tablets in stores. Our kiosk has been developed to improve the customer experience in brick and mortar environment:
1. Digital signage: the screen saver broadcasts a promotional screen when it is not in use to attract or inform your customers such as videos, pictures, promotional offers, etc.
2. A secured kiosk: each user who uses the tab starts a secured session. After using it, the session automatically closes and deletes all personal data (Internet cache, passwords, apps users’ data, etc.). Restrictions are added compared with the classical tabs, users can’t access to settings, shortcuts, or blacklisted website. They can’t modify the configuration such as changing wallpapers, downloading apps, etc.
3. Customized quality content: choose your tab content, with your selection of applications, websites and services to target your customers’ needs and demands. Go further, use retail-oriented apps such as virtual purchase assistant or connected store. All content is updated distantly to make sure your clients never get bored and don’t waste your time handling all your tabs.
4. Build a user experience: use your tab as marketing tool by creating a customer’s workflow. Launch automatically your app at precise step, such as satisfaction survey while beginning the session, etc.

Control Tower (Administration’s side)
Our tab solution is controlled by the back office Control Tower. Access this web platform anytime anywhere using a device connected to internet. Use your unique login credentials to benefit from these services:
1. Supervise your devices: all devices are registered and connected to the Control Tower. You get global overview or overview per stores. Get all IT information from your tabs (updates, crash down, problem repair, etc.). Make sure your Tab inStore deployment works well.
2. Manage the content: prepare your tabs content with wallpapers, screesavers, apps selections, etc. and the targeted tabs will get updated remotely. Feel free to change at anytime your configuration, without impacting the user experience (no physical actions required on-site).
3. Get statistics: Control Tower is the easiest way to consult the statistics of your tablets: check the number of users per day, compare the use of the tablets in different stores, check most-used applications and most-visited website, etc.
Get data for specific apps such as satisfaction survey or connected store. Measure your customers’ satisfaction on your store, your product, your service, or measure your sells.

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

> Convert your traditional store into a connected store to attract customers
> Enter the digital universe and make the first step toward the omnichannel
> Get your customers entertained, offer new digital services to improve the purchase experience
> Use your tab as marketing tool to promote your stores, products or services, and get feedback
> Benefit from an easy and secured solution, with remote updates

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