Solution overview
Company name: Cabture BV
Solution category: Industry Specific Solution (information, entertainment, service)
Primary target industry: Cross-industry
Samsung SDKs / services used: Others
Supported devices: Tablet
Availability: Netherlands, Slovenia

Solution summary

While competitive pressures continue to grow, conventional advertising formats are losing their power. In response, there is a need for new communications channels that not only measure up to changed market conditions but also meet the expectations of today's sophisticated consumers. The overriding goal is to help advertisers and service providers fulfil their basic mission: reach new customers, build their loyalty and increase sales.

The Taxi market in the Netherlands has been missing a professional taxi media industry. Our goal is to change this by giving the advertiser, a credible, trustworthy, accountable and valuable out-of-home resource. We are the experts in taxi media and our approach is based on strategic collaboration with advertisers and taxi companies. We deal with marketing objectives and ensure we can match up the perfect solution through our expanding network.

With our highly flexible platforms, Taxi VISON allows geo-targeting, day parting, audience segmentation, and a host of custom solutions for advertisers and marketers off all categories. Taxi VISION, engages consumers right at the moment when they are most receptive to relevant information. Taxi VISION Screenvertise combines the unparallelled engagement with the significant dwell time of taxis. Messages appear directly on the interactive tablet device, making it the ideal environment to connect people with brands.

Taxi VISION is introducing Screenvertise, an on board communications platform which is designed to interact with passengers on passive and active levels. It is a solution that delivers precisely targeted communications.

This will be the Netherlands first accountable, mobile, interactive, audiovisual, one-on-one communication environment for a captive audience. The passenger experiences a pleasant, nice, action packed and amusing taxi ride filled with discount and profit, which he/she likes to see and respond to. This allows advertiser to have one-to-one communication with the target audience.

This is an initiative in which SAMSUNG Benelux, Vodafone and the council of Amsterdam are taking part. Our pilot is planned for March 2014 in which we will place Samsung Galaxy tab10.1 4G in 200 taxi vehicles across Amsterdam.
The objectives are to enhance safety, add value to travel time and create positive passenger experience.

The idea is that the passengers no longer have to distract the driver with common questions like; "where can I find a restaurant? Which hotel is available? Where can I find a pharmacy/hospital? The Screenvertise interface will empower the passenger and enhance trust and service level. Passengers can track the chosen route, ETA and estimated fare. Upon arrival the passenger can rate the ride and the driver. These are some of the many interactive features.

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

- Enhance safety onboard taxi vehicels by offering the passenger Alarm/SOS button. In case of emergency or distress the device will connect to emergency assistance
- Enhance service level of taxi organisations. Drivers can be rated and recommenden by their passengers. The passenger has the possibility to file a complaint in an easy way so that these can followed up. This will give the government and organisations a better view of the quality of the taxi drivers.
- Monitor time at locations and speed of vehicle. Use vehicle's location history to map coverage area

- Placing in-content banners, logos and graphical ticker-tape
- Location dependent advertising (GPS)
- Measurement of passenger behavior, content preferences and seen commercials
- Full control over moment, hour, day, week or combinations
- Determine the passengers profile, using polls, destination, etc.
- Landing pages in web environment
- Continuation of interaction at home (games for example)
- Customer data-entry through touch screen
- Interaction with mobile phones (for example by QR codes and NFC)
- Payment
- Support for events

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