Solution overview
Company name: Nevotek
Solution category: Industry Specific Solution (Nemo Services User Interface)
Primary target industry: Cross-industry
Supported devices: Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable
Availability: Portugal, Israel, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Iceland, Denmark, Yemen, Thailand, Norway, Germany, Syria,... 
Lebanon, Italy, Finland, Mexico, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Croatia, Iran, Armenia, Tunisia, Montenegro, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, Georgia, Palestinian Territory, Bulgaria, Austria, Nigeria, Estonia, Spain, Kenya, Pakistan, Serbia, Greece, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Egypt, United Kingdom, Belarus, Switzerland, Bahrain, Moldova, Latvia, Mauritius, Albania, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Oman, Morocco, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, United States, Kuwait, Jordan, Afghanistan, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Solution summary

Nemo app provide Android tablet and phone user interface menus for accessing and using Nevotek's Solution Suite features and functionalities installed in Hotels and Hospitals.

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

Applications includeVIP Healthconnect For System integration of Cisco IPphones, Patient Experience, Info-tainment over IP TV, video on demand (VoD), Patient Comfort For controlling room lighting, curtains, A/C temperature, and fan speed, Nemo For accessing NHS services over mobile devices such as iPad, Android-based tablets, Unilink for High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) provisioning and billing that also integrate with IPTV system