Solution overview
Company name: Edutor Technologies India Private Limited
Solution category: Industry Specific Solution
Primary target industry: Education
Supported devices: Tablet
Availability: India

Solution summary

IGNITOR is a comprehensive Learning Platform that allows Educational Institutes to unleash the power of Tablets. Institutes can now confidently place Tablets (including BYOD) in students’ hands and drive learning outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Key features and benefits specific to selected industry

Mobile Learning Environment: an application on the device that delivers learning experiences/courses to students – legacy digital content, born-for-tablet content, apps, assessments, tools etc from multiple publishers are all served seamless to make for an engaging and intuitive learning experience.
- Provide intuitive learning environment for learning
- Deliver multi publisher, multi format content in a seamless manner
- Incorporate adaptive learning, social and collaborative learning

Course Delivery System: a cloud based LMS that teachers or publishers can use to deliver course-ware, assessments etc that can then be accessed by the students offline – anytime, anywhere.
- Aggregate the largest basket of qualified learning content
- Secure and seamless publishing of courses both offline (using Powerchip Technology) and online
- Dynamically add/update existing courseware with new content
- Provide extensive analytics data about usage and performance to the course publishers, teachers, schools and parents

Institutional Assessment Management System is specially designed to help institutions create, publish and analyze assessments to their students. It provides large scale question creation systems, assessment creation systems and reports to help the institutions.

Content & Application security: content made available to students in MicroSD cards will be fully secured to ensure IP protection & DRM.
- Scalable & secure solution for offline distribution & access of content
- Multi-format DRM system for administration and enforcing of digital rights management for mobile devices

MDM for schools: provides ability to manage devices at school to prevent unauthorized use as well as do constant software upgrades in a scalable way. Prevent the user from accessing unauthorized internet and other third-party applications on the device.

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