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What is Samsung India Identity SDK?
The Samsung India Identity SDK is an application programming interface for app developers to develop apps which meet the AADHAAR compliant authentication according to the AADHAAR Authentication...
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What is AADHAAR?
AADHAAR is a 12-digit unique identification (UID) number given to residents of India. This AADHAAR is a biometric database that includes an iris scan data, digital fingerprints, a digital photo, and...
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Which devices support the Samsung India Identity SDK?
Samsung India Identity SDK is supported only on IR enabled Samsung devices running Android L. Currently, SM-T116IR supports Samsung India Identity SDK.
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What licenses do I need to use the Samsung India Identity SDK ?
You require a Samsung India Identity license key to use the SDK.  You can request for a development , or for a production icense key. License types • Development – While you are...
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How can I activate the Samsung India Identity license?
You can activate a license with the activateLicense (String licenseKey, String pkgName) API method. Once you call this API method, a broadcast intent (ACTION_LICENSE_STATUS) is sent with the...
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How do I verify if my device supports Samsung India Identity SDK?
If the device does not support the Samsung India Identity APIs, calling the APIs would throw a "Runtime Exception". If there is no runtime exception thrown, then the device supports the Samsung India...
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What types of firmware does Enterprise FOTA manage?
Enterprise FOTA manages Samsung's official firmware updates, which include: Major firmware upgrades (for example, the firmware update from Marshmallow to Nougat) Security patches...
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How can I upgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris public devices to registered devices?
Background UIDAI has sent letters to existing AUA/KUAs to comply with following: Vendor SDK to be level 0/1 certified by end of May, 2017. All existing biometric devices to be level 0/1...
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Can I install the Samsung India Identity SDK based apps inside the Knox container?
Apps developed using the Samsung India Identity SDK APIs are supported on the enterprise-managed Knox devices (with IR capability). You can install your apps either in the user space, or in the...
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Should I capture the IRIS image of a single eye or both eyes?
Using the Samsung India Identity SDK, you can capture the iris image for either single eye, or for dual eyes. You can call startActivityForResult(intent,requestCode) or capture(String pidOptions) to...
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