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What is Samsung EDU SDK ?
Samsung EDU SDK is an application programming interface for developers to make education apps primarily targeted for Samsung Android tablets. With this SDK, users can create customized programs to...
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Can Samsung EDU SDK be used in both tablets and smartphones?
Currently, EDU SDK officially supports tablets only. The SDK may work with smartphones but this can vary from device to device. Official smartphone integration will be implemented in a future release...
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Can the EDU SDK be used with non-Samsung devices?
No. At the moment, only Samsung devices are supported.
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How does Samsung EDU SDK benefit 3rd party developers?
Samsung EDU SDK provides rich, ready to use agents that are well tested and designed to save 3rd party developers time. Using the Samsung EDU SDK, developers no longer need to write custom code for...
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Which devices support the Samsung EDU SDK?
You can use the Samsung EDU SDK v1.9.2.0 with the following tablets: Device Name Device Model Android Version Tab A 10.1...
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Does EDU SDK work with AllShare cast?
Yes, EDU SDK works with AllShare cast.
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How many students can EDU SDK support in a single session?
EDU SDK has been tested to support a maximum of 70 tablets. This number can vary based on the network capability and Wi-Fi speed. According to our tests, 1 AP can support about 20 connections at the...
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Who does Samsung EDU SDK benefit?
Samsung EDU SDK benefits partners who want to develop educational applications on Android. It comes with number of useful features to help enhance the typical classroom experience and provides...
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Can a teacher lock a student device?
Yes. Hardware keys can be disabled; the student will be unable to use the tablet.  
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Does the Samsung EDU SDK have any limitations when used remotely?
For the Samsung EDU SDK to work properly, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi.
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