The Samsung EDU SDK is a software development framework that lets you create a rich, interactive classroom learning ecosystem with Samsung tablets.
The SDK enhances your solutions through three themes: Interactive Tools, Device Management, and Education Utility.

Samsung EDU SDK v1.9.2

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How it works

Learning solutions can take advantage of these key areas:

  • Interactive Tools — These encourage collaboration between teachers and students, and enable synergy among classmates.
  • Device Management — This allows teachers to control student devices, share files, and promote group activities.
  • Education Utility — Built-in tools such as charts and graphs enhance the online learning experience.

Interactive Tools

  • Screen Share — Teachers can share their screens with students and write on the screens through synchronizing the material in near-real time.
  • File Share — Teachers and students can share files on their devices and promotes group activity, enabling students to learn beyond the four walls of the classroom.
  • Multimedia Share — Teachers can share multimedia content with students, such as video and audio, with synchronization.
  • Screen Capture — Teachers can capture images on the screen and then share them with the class.
  • Calendar Management — Teachers can register an event in the students' Google Calendars™ across the board or individually.
  • Session and Discovery Management — You can create a network connection between tablets in a classroom, which can be managed to implement interactive features.

Device Management

  • Device Key Control — Teachers can control the hardware keys on student devices, such as the power key, volume and up/down keys.
  • Application Control — Teachers can activate applications and content on student devices.
  • Touch Control — Teachers can control the touch displays of student tablets.
  • Device Lock — Teachers can lock students’ screens or send block messages to student devices to prevent distractions and get attention.
  • Wallpaper Management — Teachers can effectively apply appropriate wallpaper to selected student devices.

Education Utility

  • Smart Chart and Graph — Teachers can see statistical results using charts, bar graphs, and so on. They can easily convert quiz results into graphs and charts, and also draw on graphs and charts with provided tools.

Version 1.9.2

Updates for Samsung EDU SDK v1.9.2:

  • Added support Android Pie OS.
  • Added support for Tab A 10.5, Tab S3, Tab S4.
  • Upgraded Android API level to 28.
  • Removed support for Android KitKat and Lolipop OS.
  • Removed support for Note 10.1, Tab 4 10.1, Tab E 9.6 (non-US), Tab S 10.5 devices.
  • Improvement of File Share support for large files.
  • Network communication improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

To see which devices and Android versions are supported, please see Which devices support the Samsung EDU SDK?.



The Samsung EDU SDK v1.8.2.4 includes the following updates:

  • Adds support for Android Oreo on the Tab A 10.1
  • Introduces improvements to screen sharing and a new Quality of Service feature
  • Minor bug fixes 


The Samsung EDU SDK v1.7.3.3 includes the following updates:

  • Adds support for Android N on the Tab A 10.1, Tab A 9.7/8, Tab E 9.6, Tab S2 9.7 VE
  • Screen sharing functionality on Android Nougat OS
  • New screen sharing engine with the following changes (vs. v1.6.3.1)
    • adaptive bitrate disabled (RTCP and QoS), maximum bitrate limited to 400 kb/s
    • bitrate and FPS aligned to number of devices (to avoid network traffic problems and latency)
    • resolution up to 1024x768 (aligned with device display aspect ratio)


Version 1.6.1

The Samsung EDU SDK v1.6.1 supports the following:

  • Android Marshmallow OS on the Tab A 9.7/8, Tab E 9.6
  • Legacy devices with older Android versions


Version 1.6

The Samsung EDU SDK v1.6 supports the following devices along with a legacy device:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1"
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" VE

Legacy device include the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7"


Version 1.5

The Samsung EDU SDK v1.5 supports the following devices along with the legacy devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7"
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8"
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6" - some functions not supported due to hardware limitations
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7"

The legacy devices include the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1"
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" 2014 edition
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1"
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5"

Next Steps ...

  • Get your ELM license key. Developers using our enterprise-grade SDKs provide this Enterprise License Management key through their apps to identify themselves. For more information about license keys and how to activate them, see How to use license keys.
  • Browse the API Reference. This describes all the available API methods, grouped by Android package and Java class.
  • Read the Developer Guide. This describes how to set up the development environment and deploy different features through sample code fragments.

Later, when you start coding and have questions, check the FAQs and Developer Forum for support.

Samsung EDU SDK v1.9.2

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