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What SDKs are there, and what VPN features do they each support?
Knox VPN service SDK Used primarily by VPN client vendors to build VPN clients.  This SDK provides APIs to establish and manage VPN tunnels. Knox Standard SDK Used...
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Do I need a license to use the Knox VPN SDK?
Since the release of the Knox SDK, you need to get Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) licenses for both the VPN service and when using mobile device control management policies. In...
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What types of solutions can I build with the Knox VPN Service SDK?
You can create a variety of networking products, including VPN clients, split-billing clients, and bandwidth optimizers.
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How do I add all apps inside AND outside the container to a VPN profile?
This is only possible if you install the VPN client outside of the Knox container.  If installed outside, then simply call the addAllPackagesToVPN() and addAllContainerPackages() APIs to add all...
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What is VPN On-Premise Bypass?
VPN On-Premise Bypass is a solution that allows MDM vendors to deactivate a VPN connection or block applications when an employee device is connected to its corporate WI-FI. This allows the device to...
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What API do I use to create a On-Premise Bypass VPN profile?
VPN profiles are defined via the GenericVpnPolicy API methods.   Additional information about how to use GenericVpnPolicy can be found in the Samsung Knox SDK Developer Guide.
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Does the Knox framework store any type of data passed during profile creation?
Note — This answer refers to the VPN Services SDK only The Knox framework only stores the data passed under the profile_attribute and the Knox section of the JSON file (the file that contains the...
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How can I verify if the VPN connection that is starting belongs to the Knox profile or the default Android VPN profile?
Note — This answer refers to the VPN Services SDK only Once the VPN connection starts successfully, if a lock icon displays in the notification, it represents the Knox profile. If a key icon...
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How is the Knox container affected by VPN On-Premise Bypass?
The Knox container is not affected by VPN profiles provisioned outside of the container, no matter what type of VPN profile it is.  For VPN On-Premise Bypass to apply to container apps, the...
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How should the network state change be handled by the VPN Client Integration?
Note — This answer refers to the VPN Services SDK only The VPN Client should make sure that the tunnel interface is closed when the network goes down, or during a switch to/from a Wi-Fi network.
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