Why develop for Tizen? Tizen is a new breed of converged platform, providing central control of connected devices such as smartphones. Early adopters looking for untapped markets have significant opportunities in developing new and differentiated solutions.

The Samsung Knox Tizen SDK for Mobile Devices provides over 500 API methods to control Samsung Tizen smartphones. With this SDK, you can configure phone hardware, network connectivity, user accounts, apps, and security policies. In an enterprise environment, you can use this SDK to fully control enterprise phones to meet the strictest company policies. An added feature is the Kiosk Mode, which lets you develop purpose-built Tizen devices. By restricting users to a single app, you can tailor devices for hospitality kiosks, point-of-sales systems, and mobile infotainment solutions.

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How it works

You develop a native C/C++ app for Samsung Tizen devices, which run the Linux operating system. You need the following:

  • Tizen Studio — Available from the Tizen Developers website, this IDE combined with the Tizen SDK lets you control Tizen operating system components like the file system and UI. In addition to a Web SDK (which uses HTML5 and Javascript), there is a Native SDK (which uses C and C++) that provides lower-level control of system components. You can extend this Native C/C++ SDK with existing, open-source Linux libraries to add unique features with minimal effort. Tizen Studio is based on Eclipse, and includes a Tizen device emulator, sample code, and documentation.
  • Samsung Knox Tizen SDK for Mobile Devices — From this web page, you can download a ZIP file of this SDK, and use the enclosed C/C++ APIs to control features specific to Samsung Tizen devices. These include device components like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; call and texting restrictions; email and browser app setup; security policies; and Kiosk Mode.
  • License — From this website, you can also get an enterprise license to use Samsung Knox SDKs. Your app activates your unique license key to identify yourself as the app developer. Initially, while experimenting with the SDK, you use a Development license. Then, if you decide to commercialize your app, you can become a Samsung partner and use a Production license. There is no cost to get or activate these enterprise licenses. You need just a single enterprise license for all your apps that use the Samsung Knox SDKs.

In an enterprise environment, IT admins typically use a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to centrally control company phones, tablets, and desktop computers. In these scenarios, your app serves as an MDM agent and takes IT admin commands over-the-air from an MDM console. This console can be connected to a web-based MDM server, which manages enterprise assets like employee profiles, security policies, and proprietary apps.

The Knox Tizen SDK for Mobile Devices provides over 500 API methods to do the following:

  • Manage apps — You can install, update, and uninstall apps; start and stop apps; wipe app data; whitelist and blacklist apps that users can install from the Tizen store; disable preloaded apps; set up user accounts for email apps; and get details about installed apps (version, CPU usage, data usage, memory usage, and so on).
  • Manage phones — You can set up Access Point Names (APNs) and configure browser settings. You can also get device info and available storage capacity; restrict incoming and outgoing calls and SMS; enable call logging, SMS captures, and stats; inject events like calls and get screen captures.
  • Secure phones — You can set up password requirements for unlocking phones; encrypt stored data; set up a firewall to allow or prohibit sources from accessing phones; and disable features like the camera, microphone, screen captures, Internet sharing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, tethering, USB usage, external storage, desktop syncs, and backups.
  • Deploy Kiosk Mode — You can disable a phone's hard keys; hide the navigation, status, and system bars; and enable Kiosk Mode with a default app.

Version 1.1.0

The Knox Tizen SDK for Mobile Devices v1.1.0 provides these new features:

  • Multi SIM supportYou can allow or block calls, SMS messages, and data usage on a specific SIM card on devices that support dual SIMs. You can also allow or restrict data usage during roaming on a specific SIM card.
  • Call/SMS log purge — You can now define a purge period and enable periodic removal of CALL/SMS log records older than the defined period.

Next steps ...

  • Get your ELM license key. Developers using our enterprise-grade SDKs provide this Enterprise License Management key through their apps to identify themselves. For more, see About license keys and how to activate them.
  • Download Tizen Studio from the Tizen Developers website. This IDE enables you to build Web or Natives apps for the Tizen platform, and its Platform Manager lets you download various Tizen SDK versions.
  • Browse the API Reference. This describes the functions you can call through the SDK.
  • Read the Developer Guide. This describes how to set up your development environment for Tizen, activate licenses, and write code to manage different Tizen device features.
  • Review the Sample App and its corresponding Tutorial, for end-to-end coverage of a complete app.
  • Review FAQs and the developer forums for more information about developing on the Tizen platform.

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