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What is the backwards-compatible ELM key that comes with the entitlement-based Samsung Knox License key?
It is a key that you need to activate if you are using the entitlement-based Samsung Knox License key on devices with Knox v2.7 or earlier. These devices have a previous version of the Samsung...
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What licenses do I need and how do I activate them?
Your app activates two types of licenses: Enterprise License Management (ELM) key: This key identifies the developer of an app. An app must activate this license before it can...
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Who is Samsung Knox Standard SDK targeted towards?
At the moment, the Samsung Knox Standard SDK is only provided to partners developing MDM solutions.
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Do I need to become an ISV Partner to obtain the Knox SDK?
You do not need to become an ISV Partner to have access to the Knox SDK. If you wish to obtain the Knox SDK, you must join our MDM program.
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Is Knox supported on other platforms, such as windows?
Currently, Samsung only provides Knox supported devices running Android or Tizen.
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Is there a license or fee needed to use a W-MDM?
No fee or license is required.
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What is licensing entitlement?
Entitlement can be referred to as specific rights or permissions to use certain features of a Knox product. You can place an order for any Knox product with a certain set of features and validity...
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What is W-MDM?
W-MDM (Wireless Mobile Device Management) is an MDM framework applied to wearable devices. W-MDM APIs provide control over the Samsung Gear S2 by Bluetooth pairing with an Android device.
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Where can I obtain a whitepaper for Samsung Knox?
You can find the Knox whitepapers at the Knox Portal. 
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Can Google Play used to deploy Knox apps?
Yes, Google Play – along with Samsung Apps or private app stores – can be used to deploy Knox apps.
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