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What is Knox SSO?
Knox Single Sign-On (SSO) technologies enable mobile users to access enterprise services, such as email or shared drives, by signing in only once. As a result, employees get a secure one-click access...
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What are the different types of SSO solutions supported in Knox ?
Samsung Knox includes the following SSO service support for apps: Samsung Knox SSO Solution based on Kerberos—The Samsung SSO option supports SaaS-based apps with SAML 2.0 and on-premise...
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What are the costs of using the Knox SSO SDK?
There is no fee for using the standalone Knox SSO SDKs. If however you are using mobile device management features in the Knox Premium SDK, you will need to buy Knox (KLM) licenses. Please see here...
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What do I need to get started using the Knox SSO SDKs?
In order to use the Knox SSO SDKs, you just need to sign in to or enroll to get a SEAP account before you can download the SDK. Depending on your role, there are different requirements for using the...
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What kind of apps does the Knox SSO work with?
Developers can add SSO to the following types of apps: SaaS Cloud-based Web-based intranet       
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What authentication methods does the Knox SSO support?
The Knox SSO solutions support the following authentication specifications: SAML 2.0 HTTP Negotiate using Kerberos  
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