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The Knox namespaces are changing

In July 2019, we are phasing out the old Knox namespaces to align with current Android conventions.
To do this, you will need to migrate to the Knox SDK. For more information on how to update your app(s), read our migration guide.


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What is the scope of the setPasswordVisibilityEnabled() API method, in the Knox Premium SDK?
The API method PasswordPolicy.setPasswordVisibilityEnabled(false), is user scope API and it works inside a container and outside. 
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What Knox Standard SDK API methods are available to manage device firmware?
RestrictionPolicy.allowFirmwareRecovery — Enable or disable users from recovering the device firmware update from download mode (ODIN). RestrictionPolicy.allowOTAUpgrade — Enable or disable...
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What versions of Android support the Knox Standard and Knox Premium SDKs?
To check the SDK version ​on your device, click Settings -> About Phone. Android Version   Knox Standard SDK Version...
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Which hardware control features can be managed inside Knox Workspace, using the Knox Premium SDK?
All the APIs for controlling hardware features can be found in Knox Premium SDK under the RestrictionPolicy class. Part of the hardware features that can be managed inside container are...
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Which SDKs do I use to manage and use credentials like certificates and keys?
Use these SDKs: Knox UCM SDK — to manage certificate storage Knox Premium SDK — to manage certificates Android SDK — to use certificates and keys The Knox UCM SDK provides these API...
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Why am I still able to download an app even though I have added it to blacklist with with the method addAppPackageNameToBlackList(), from the Knox Premium SDK?
The addAppPackageNameToBlackList(packageName) API method blocks the said app from installation. You can still be able to download the app from android app stores (for example: Google Play). The...
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Why are app shortcuts not showing up in Kiosk mode for the Knox Standard and Premium SDK?
The Knox Standard SDK method ApplicationPolicy.addHomeShortcut() is used to add shortcut icons to the Kiosk mode default home screen while Kiosk mode is enabled (com.sec.android.kiosk). When adding...
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Why are Unknown Sources disabled in personal space, but not in the Knox container even after pushing the policy?
This issue was fixed in builds I9505XXUGNG8 and G900W8VLU1ANF3 for Galaxy S4 and S5 devices. If you cannot update your devices, there is a workaround available. The workaround involves disabling...
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Why can't you enable the camera inside a container when it is blocked in the personal space?
Before, disabling camera in the personal space would not affect the camera in the Knox container. For security reasons, this concept has now changed. Disabling camera in personal space using Knox...
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Why do I get error KnoxContainerManager.ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR(-1014) while creating a container?
This error occurs when KnoxContainerManager.createContainer(String type) API method returns: KnoxContainerManager.ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR(-1014) If the developer passes a type of argument that is not...
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