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The Knox namespaces are changing

In July 2019, we are phasing out the old Knox namespaces to align with current Android conventions.
To do this, you will need to migrate to the Knox SDK. For more information on how to update your app(s), read our migration guide.


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How does an app detect if a container was created, using the Knox Premium SDK?
There are two methods. You can: call an API to do a one-time check if a container exists set up an intent to detect in real-time when container creation completes (recommended) Call API...
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How does an app set up a VPN connection?
MDM developers must create an EnterprisePremiumVpnConnection object. This object has mandatory parameters that must be populated even if you don't use them. Pass empty strings to the mandatory...
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How does the Knox Premium SDK method, setAllowChangeDataSyncPolicy(), sync contacts with the container so they are visible on the personal side?
The API method in the Knox Premium SDK, setAllowChangeDataSyncPolicy(RCPPolicy.CONTACTS, RCPPolicy.EXPORT_DATA, Boolean), set to true or false enables or disables the option to sync...
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How is Tizen related to Knox?
We now provide the Knox SDK on the Tizen platform, with additional SDKs planned. For more info, you can search this website for all Tizen content.
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I have created a "container only mode" container and I am locked inside, using the Knox Premium SDK. How do I exit?
Container only mode is an ultra-secure environment that does not allow movement to personal space, factory reset, or firmware recovery. The device is locked to the container. The type of container...
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In Kiosk mode, how do I block the Menu button on a Galaxy S5?
On earlier devices like the Galaxy S4 and S3, the left capacitive button was a Menu button. On the Galaxy S5, the left button is a Recent Apps button. You can still access the Menu by long-...
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What API methods are available to manage device firmware with the Knox Standard and Premium SDK?
RestrictionPolicy.allowFirmwareRecovery — Enable or disable users from recovering the device firmware update from download mode (ODIN). RestrictionPolicy.allowOTAUpgrade — Enable or disable...
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What does the RCPPolicy.NOTIFICATIONS argument do in the API method setAllowChangeDataSyncPolicy?
The API methods RCPPolicy.setAllowChangeDataSyncPolicy(RCPPolicy.NOTIFICATIONS, RCPPolicy.EXPORT_DATA, true/false) and RCPPolicy.setAllowChangeDataSyncPolicy(RCPPolicy.NOTIFICATIONS, RCPPolicy....
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What is the difference between a Knox license and an SDK license?
A Knox license is needed to activate a Knox container on a device. An SDK license, also called an ELM (Enterprise License Management) key is used by app developers such as MDM partners and...
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What is the difference between hideStatusBar() and hideSystemBar() in the Knox Standard SDK?
hideStatusBar() will hide/show (true to hide and false to show) the status bar that runs along the top of the screen. hideSystemBar() is meant for tablets that have a soft navigation bar along the...
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