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The Knox namespaces are changing

In July 2019, we are phasing out the old Knox namespaces to align with current Android conventions.
To do this, you will need to migrate to the Knox SDK. For more information on how to update your app(s), read our migration guide.


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Does the API method enforceMultifactorAuthentication(), in the Knox Premium SDK, come into effect immediately?
No. After setting the API method enforceMultifactorAuthentication() to true, the policy is enforced only after next password change. That is, when the customer opts to change the container password,...
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Does the Remote Desktop API require Knox Premium SDK?
No. The remote desktop API and all its features are available in the Knox Standard SDK.  
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How can an app block the installation of a non-trusted app, using the Knox Premium SDK?
You can use these API calls to identify the trusted or untrusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), and block apps from untrusted CAs: To add a certificate to the trusted list, call the...
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How can an app find out which apps are installed in and outside a container, using the Knox Premium SDK?
Call the API method getInstalledApplicationsIDList() for list of app package names in the current user space where the calling app is installed. To get the package names of all apps installed in a...
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How can an enterprise disable roaming access over an enterprise APN, using the Knox Premium SDK?
IT Admins can configure (allow or disallow) roaming over enterprise APNs using the EnterpriseBillingPolicy.allowRoaming() API method. By default, roaming over enterprise APN is OFF.
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How can I change or download the device firmware?
Please follow the steps below: Set your device into download mode (by pushing and holding down power + volume down keys). Open ODIN on your PC and connect your device to the computer....
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How can I check if my device firmware is an engineering or commercial build?
You can check the type of firmware by using this adb shell command:   C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb shell   - shell@android:/ $ means your device...
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How can I download the legacy Knox SDKs: Standard, Premium, Customization, and ISV?
Please contact us to request them. Because they will eventually be phased out, we recommend you to use the Knox SDK instead.
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How can I ensure that certificates are stored in the TIMA KeyStore, using the Knox Premium SDK?
In order to ensure that certificates will be saved in the TrustZone, you need to use the public boolean enableTimaKeystore(Boolean enable) API method. Enabling the TIMA KeyStore also requires TIMA...
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How can I silently install certificate inside Knox 1.0 container?
Knox 1.0 does not include API to install a certificate without user interaction. The only way to install certificate inside Knox 1.0 container is to manually move it to the container and install...
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