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What licenses do I need and how do I activate them?
Your app activates two types of licenses: Enterprise License Management (ELM) key: This key identifies the developer of an app. An app must activate this license before it can...
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Where can I obtain a whitepaper for Samsung Knox?
You can find the Knox whitepapers at the Knox Portal. 
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Do I need to become an ISV Partner to obtain the Knox SDK?
You need not become an ISV Partner to have access to the Knox SDK. If you wish to obtain the Knox SDK, you must join our MDM program.
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Is Knox supported on other platforms, such as windows?
Currently, Samsung devices running Android are the only platforms that support Knox.
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Can Google Play used to deploy Knox apps?
Yes, Google Play – along with Samsung Apps or private app stores – can be used to deploy Knox apps.
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What is the Knox TIMA CCM?
The Knox TIMA Client Certificate Manager (CCM) allows a mobile device to simulate a smart card, and be used with NFC smart card readers. Its Keystore resides on an eSE (embedded Secure Element) on an...
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What is the Knox TIMA Keystore?
The Knox TIMA Keystore is similar to the Android Keystore, but more secure: Secure hardware - The Knox TIMA Keystore uses the tamper-resistant ARM TrustZone to store its credentials. Real-...
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How do I use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse IDE add-on with the new Android Studio IDE?
If you have migrated from the Eclipse IDE to Google's new Android Studio IDE, you can use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse add-on as follows: Download the SDK. Extract the SDK's add-on .ZIP...
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What are credentials?
Credentials refer to: Certificates — These identify a person or company that owns a device, app, website, etc. The certificate includes the public key used to encrypt data, and the...
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What Keystores can I use?
On Android devices, you can store your credentials in these types of Keystores: AndroidCAStore, AndroidKeyStore, BCPKCS12, BKS, BouncyCastle, PKCS12. On Knox devices, you can also use the more...
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