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What are the SDP APIs?
The SDP APIs let you protect sensitive data, either in a database or in a file, by encrypting the data using a cryptographic key that is based on either the device unlock password or an app...
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Which devices support the Sensitive Data Protection APIs?
The Sensitive Data Protection (SDP) APIs require Knox Premium SDK v2.6 and Android M installed on your device . Current supported devices include: Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge...
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Can I use SDP for an app that is outside the Knox container?
Yes. You can use SDP for apps that are either inside or outside the Knox container.
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Do the SDP APIs support a security standard?
Yes, the Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile (MDFPP), a security standard for mobiles devices in an enterprise environment. The functional requirement for Data Protection, Data-At-Rest (FDP...
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What is the difference between Knox Enabled App and Sensitive Data Protection?
Knox Enabled App secures the app itself using Knox Platform features while Sensitive Data Protection secures the app data. KEA encrypts the internal SD card and app data and provides access control...
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What licensing do I need for the SDP APIs?
You need an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) license. This license is similar to the ELM (Enterprise License Management) license. Whereas the ISV license identifies individual developers, the ELM...
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Are the UCM APIs in the ISV SDK the same as those in the UCM SDK?
The ISV SDK no longer includes any APIs for Knox Universal Credential Management, and the ISV license no longer provides you with permission to use the UCM APIs. For all UCM APIs, use the UCM SDK...
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What is the difference between the SDP and the Knox Chamber?
SDP in the Knox SDK, the Knox Chamber, and the native email app on Samsung devices all use Sensitive Data Protection to encrypt data. The Knox Chamber is pre-installed automatically with Knox v2.4...
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Can a Knox Enabled App also use Sensitive Data Protection?
No, Knox Enabled App doesn’t support Sensitive Data Protection. Sensitive Data Protection encrypts data behind a login wall and Knox Enabled App doesn’t have a login wall since the App resides inside...
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Which solution should I use to protect my data: Knox Enabled App or Sensitive Data Protection?
If you need to secure the entire app and isolate it from the rest of the device, use Knox Enabled App (KEA). KEA encrypts the internal SD card and app data and provides access control using SE for...
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