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What is KEA?
Knox Enabled App protects your app data by placing it in an isolated container environment, that is separate from the other Knox containers. It provides data separation within the container, data...
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Which devices support Knox Enabled Apps?
You can install and run Knox Enabled Apps on Samsung Knox devices with Knox version 2.4 and later. This includes the latest flagship device, the Galaxy S6. See also: What version of Knox do I have...
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What are the device resource requirements for Knox Enabled Apps?
A device requires at least 120 MB of RAM.
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What is the difference between Knox Enabled App and Sensitive Data Protection?
Knox Enabled App secures the app itself using Knox Platform features while Sensitive Data Protection secures the app data. KEA encrypts the internal SD card and app data and provides access control...
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What happens to a Knox Enabled App if a device gets rooted?
To protect the Knox Enabled App data from being compromised, app users will not be able to launch a Knox Enabled App if a device gets rooted. If the device has: Knox v2.5 — The device will...
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Can I install a Knox Enabled App if I already have two Knox containers on a device?
Yes. Knox Enabled App uses a Knox container that is separate from the two Knox containers allowed per device.
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Can a Knox Enabled App also use Sensitive Data Protection?
No, Knox Enabled App doesn’t support Sensitive Data Protection. Sensitive Data Protection encrypts data behind a login wall and Knox Enabled App doesn’t have a login wall since the App resides inside...
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Can I install a Knox Enabled App inside an existing Knox container?
The Knox Enabled App resides in its own invisible Knox container. Since KEA ensures that your app is protected by platform-level security features, there’s no need to install it inside another Knox...
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Could a Knox Enabled App access data from the Contacts list?
Yes. The Knox Enabled App can access data from the Contacts list. If there is a Knox container on the device, however, the Knox Enabled App can’t access the Contacts list stored in the container.
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Could public certificates be stored in the Knox Enabled App container?
Yes, but public certificates can’t be shared between the Knox Enabled App container, Knox Workspace container, and the personal space. If users want to use the same public certificate in...
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