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What is Knox Customization?
Knox Customization is a comprehensive set of tools that allow businesses to tailor Samsung devices to their unique needs.
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How much does it cost to use Knox Customization Configurator?
There is a one-time license fee per device. Contact us for more information.
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What is the Knox Customization Toolkit?
The Knox Customization Toolkit includes the Knox Customization SDK and the Knox Customization Configurator. The Knox Customization SDK lets you develop apps and create purpose-built devices for...
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Do I need an MDM in order to use Custom Configurator?
No, you don't need to have an MDM in order to use Custom Configurator. The Custom Configurator can deploy settings to enrolled devices. The Custom Configurator however, is not a replacement or...
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How does Knox Customization Configurator work?
The System Integrator (SI) creates a profile with device configuration settings. The SI submits Device ID to Custom Configurator so that Samsung can verify the ownership of the devices. Once the...
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Do I need to buy licenses to use the Custom Configurator? Could I use the trial licenses to test the Custom Configurator?
You can request a trial license to use the Custom Configurator. The trial is available on the SEAP website. You need to accept the Knox License Agreement to receive a KLM trial key, then request...
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What is Professional Kiosk mode?
Professional Kiosk Mode is a new version of the Knox Standard SDK (formerly known as the SAFE E-SDK) Kiosk Mode features. In Professional Kiosk mode, the device can be locked down to a single app....
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What's the difference between Professional Kiosk mode and Standard Kiosk mode?
In Standard Kiosk mode, there are different ways for users to circumvent the locked down apps, which compromises the ability to lock down the device and home screen. Professional Kiosk Mode provides...
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Which devices are supported by the Knox Customization Configurator?
Currently, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Tab S2, and Tab 4 10.1 devices are supported. Device support may vary depending on region and carrier. These devices must be...
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Which web browsers are supported by Custom Configurator?
Custom Configurator supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10+.
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