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The Knox namespaces are changing

In July 2019, we are phasing out the old Knox namespaces to align with current Android conventions.
To do this, you will need to migrate to the Knox SDK. For more information on how to update your app(s), read our migration guide.


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What is Knox Customization?
Knox Customization enables Systems Integrators to transform Samsung devices into purpose-built appliances for vertical B2B markets like hospitality and retail. Example apps include hospitality...
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What licenses do I need to use the Knox Customization SDK?
For development purposes, you should use the Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) key with the Knox SDK. The Knox Customization SDK’s APIs have been moved to the Knox SDK. When you are...
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How do I activate licenses with the Knox Customization SDK?
To activate the: ELM license — Use the package android.app.enterprise.license, which is included with the Knox Standard SDK bundled with the Knox Customization SDK. This package provides...
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What is the ProKiosk mode in the Knox Customization SDK?
The Knox Customization SDK v2.5 uses the term ProKiosk mode instead of the previously used term Sealed mode. ProKiosk indicates that it’s an extension of the Kiosk mode from the Knox Standard SDK.
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How do I migrate a Customization app to the v2.5 SDK?
Version 2.5 of the Knox Customization SDK introduces several enhancements to improve API names, groups, permission control, and future scalability. Although the latest v2.5 SDK provides backwards...
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How do I use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse IDE add-on with the new Android Studio IDE?
If you have migrated from the Eclipse IDE to Google's new Android Studio IDE, you can use an SDK packaged as an Eclipse add-on as follows: Download the SDK. Extract the SDK's add-on .ZIP...
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What are the new ProKioskManager, SettingsManager, and SystemManager classes in the Knox Customization SDK v2.5?
Previously, all the Knox Customization API methods were provided in a single Java class called KnoxCustomManager. With v2.5, the API methods are now grouped into three new Java classes for better...
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What is a deprecated API method?
There are three types of deprecated API methods: Replaced: This API method has been replaced by another. In the Javadocs, these are indicated as follows: public boolean addHomeShortcut (...
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Are Customization apps that use KnoxCustomManager compatible with the new v2.5 SDK?
Yes. Version 2.5 of the Knox Customization SDK supports the class KnoxCustomManager and existing apps that use the class will continue to run on new devices. However, from v2.5...
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How can I download the legacy Knox SDKs: Standard, Premium, Customization, and ISV?
Please contact us to request them. Because they will eventually be phased out, we recommend you to use the Knox SDK instead.
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