Knox Customization is a comprehensive set of tools and services that allows businesses to customize and deploy end-to-end mobile solutions.

Use the Knox Customization SDK to develop purpose-built devices for vertical markets. For example, you can develop informational kiosks for hospitality, in-flight entertainment systems for airlines, or point-of-sales devices for the retail industry.

For even deeper customization of Samsung devices, Knox Customization Services offer consultation and development assistance to produce unique software for your business and enterprise needs.

Knox Customization SDK v2.7.1
(for all Knox devices)

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Knox Customization SDK v2.7
(for all Knox devices)

Knox Customization SDK
(extra APIs for Galaxy Tab Active)

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How it works

With the Knox Customization SDK, you can develop an app that seals Samsung Android smart phones. You can present just one or a few key apps and prevent or restrict access to the underlying Android system. The Knox Customization SDK includes the Knox Standard SDK, which you can use to further configure and customize smart phones for specific applications.

To customize Samsung Gear devices, see the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables.

Knox Customization Configurator

Built on the Knox Customization SDK, that enables IT admins and System Integrators to deploy a specific group of settings or apps to enrolled devices. Knox Customization Configurator offers powerful and granular device-configuration capabilities without requiring any coding.

Once devices have been enrolled into the system, Knox Customization Configurator enforces your settings over the air, even after they have been factory reset. Knox Customization Configurator allows you to create profiles and push these profiles to devices over Wi-Fi or mobile data. This eliminates both the cost and the need for manually provisioning devices one-by-one at a physically central location.

See Knox Customization Configurator for more information

Core Features

The Knox Customization SDK provides these APIs to let Android apps control device features:

  • ProKiosk Mode — Enable or disable the ProKiosk Mode, which restricts the device to a single app and limits the functionality of the device.
  • Home activity — Set the activity to launch when the home button is pressed in ProKiosk Mode.
  • Hard key — Enable or disable hard key intent reporting in ProKiosk Mode.
  • Animation — Set boot and/or shutdown animations.
  • Status bar — Show or hide individual elements of the status bar, including notifications.
  • Quick panel — Add or remove items from the status bar's quick panel.
  • Auto boot on power — Automatically boot the device when power is applied.
  • Android Settings — Enable granular access to nearly all Android settings parameters so that each parameter can be individually activated via the app.
  • (NEW) Home screen — Add or remove shortcuts and widgets from homescreen.
  • (NEW) Lock screen — Customize the lock screen shortcuts.
  • Notifications — Suppress system-wide notifications to deliver a clean UX to end users.
  • USB — USBnet wired IP connectivity, dynamically authorise USB accessories, ADB control.
  • Ringtone — Customize the ringtone or notification sound.
  • Bluetooth — Toggle Bluetooth state.
  • Locale — Set system locale.
  • (NEW) Auto answer incoming calls — Configure and manage auto answer incoming call numbers.

For complete details about all the supported features and APIs, see the API Reference.

What's New

Version 2.7.1

Knox Customization SDK v2.7.1 is an update to support Android devices that are running Android v7.x (Nougat) and above.

Due to operating system and Samsung device UI changes, a few methods and constants have been deprecated, and will no longer work on Android Nougat devices. While some deprecated items have replacements, others do not.


Version 2.7

Version 2.7 introduces new APIs for the SystemManager class.

SystemManager updates

  • Home screen — Customize which shortcuts and widges appear on the home screen
  • Lock screen — Customize lock screen shortcuts
  • Auto answer incoming call — Configure/manage auto answer incoming phone numbers
  • MAC address — Get the device's MAC address
  • Power off — Power off the device
  • USB type — Configure the USB connection type

For complete details about the API methods, helper classes, and constants added with each new SDK version, see the Release Notes.

Galaxy Tab Active

The Galaxy Tab Active is Samsung’s first tablet built specifically for business. For this device, you can download another, smaller SDK to use in conjunction with the Knox Customization SDK. The Galaxy Tab Active SDK provides these additional API methods:

  • Long Press Activity — You can select a package to launch when the Recent button is long pressed.
  • Long Press Mode — You can set the behavior when the Recent button is long pressed.

For details, see the Knox Customization SDK API Specifications for Galaxy Tab Active.

Knox Customization SDK v2.7.1
(for all Knox devices)

Knox Customization SDK v2.7
(for all Knox devices)

Knox Customization SDK
(extra APIs for Galaxy Tab Active)

Next steps ...

  • Get your license keys. For the Knox Customization SDK, you need two keys:
    • ELM (Enterprise License Management) — You provide this license key through your app to identify yourself.
    • KLM (Knox License Management) — You need this license key to create a customized device. For more info about license keys and how to activate them, see License Keys.
  • Browse the API Reference. This describes all the API methods, grouped by Android package and Java class.
  • Read the Developer Guide. This describes how to set up the development environment and develop a Knox Customization App.
  • Learn about Knox Customization Configurator. This is a web-based service that allows IT admins and System Integrators to deploy a specific group of settings or apps to enrolled devices.