Knox Customization is a comprehensive set of tools that allow businesses to tailor Samsung devices to their unique needs. With Knox Customization, Samsung devices can be transformed into purpose-built appliances for business-to-business (B2B) markets such as aviation, retail, and hospitality.


About Knox Customization Configurator

Knox Customization Configurator is a web-based service that allows IT admins and System Integrators to deploy a specific group of settings or apps to enrolled devices. Customization Configurator offers powerful and granular device-configuration capabilities. You can use Customization Configurator to turn your Samsung phone or tablet into a point-of-sales terminal, survey response collector, digital signage, and more. Once devices have been enrolled into the system, Custom Configurator enforces your settings over-the-air, even after they have been factory reset.

If you’re looking to develop your own solution, use the Knox Customization SDK.  It is an enhanced secure SDK that supports Professional Kiosk Mode and granular device configurations for Samsung Galaxy devices.

The following table lists the similarities and differences between the Knox Customization Configurator and the Knox Customization SDK:


Knox Customization Configurator

Knox Customization SDK

Designed for…

System Integrators and IT admins


Coding required?



Device requirements

Supported Knox devices purchased from participating resellers and carriers

Supported Knox devices for the SDK version that you are using

Deployment process

Over-the-air via Wi-Fi or mobile data

Manual deployment or with an MDM

ProKiosk mode

Supported for a subset of ProKiosk mode features from the Knox Customization SDK.


Custom bootup and shutdown animations

Supported, use the Request device animation files form.

Supported, use the Request device animation files form.

App management

Whitelist/blacklist apps, push custom and Google Play apps to devices

Whitelist/blacklist apps, push custom and Google Play apps to devices


How it works

Once you’ve registered your devices with the Customization Configurator, the device IDs (i.e. Serial Numbers/IMEIs) are tied to your enterprise.  The Customization Configurator server deploys the profiles that you’ve made. These profiles include device settings, home screen configurations, and apps that you want to push.

  • Professional Kiosk Mode – Lock devices down to a single app or group of apps. Restrict device settings to create single-purpose phones or tablets such as point-of-sales terminals, survey collectors, digital signage, and more.
  • Rebranded software – Display your company’s marketing message on your phones and tablets. You can use customized booting splash screens and specify branded wallpaper to be used on each device.
  • Optimized user experience – Design specific navigation flows for your purpose-built device by remapping hardware key functions, changing the home screen settings, and more.
  • Bulk device configuration – Instead of changing multiple settings and functions for each device in your enterprise, set these options once and remotely deploy them across all of your devices.
  • Bulk app deployment – Distribute and install apps to enrolled devices over-the-air without manually downloading apps on each device.
  • Web portal – Intuitive web-based portal allows you to configure and lock down devices without any Android development effort.

Version 1.6

  • Enrollment – On Knox 2.7+ devices, profiles can now be downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi settings – Advanced Wi-Fi settings such as WEP, WPA/WPA2/FT PSK, 802.1x EAP are now supported.
  • App restrictions – App restrictions can be applied to apps that have already been installed on the device.
  • USB settings – Configure USB connection type, USB mass storage, and other related settings.


Version 1.5

  • Device Administrator permissions – Instead of requiring users to grant permission to install third-party apps, users now grant device administrator permissions to Knox Customization Configurator. This eliminates the need for users to manually grant device permissions to third-party apps.
  • Manual device enrollment – If device configuration doesn't automatically begin, users can go to https://custom.samsungknox.com to trigger the process.
  • UX improvements – A number of device configuration UI improvements have been introduced, including an enhanced dashboard and device submission progress bars.


Version 1.4

  • Support for Google Play apps – Add shortcuts to Google Play to create lists of apps that you want users to install. You can place all shortcuts as a single icon on the device screen. After the user installs these apps, you can also specify where the app icons will be located on the screen.
  • New configuration options for ProKiosk mode - Added more than 25 new configuration options for ProKiosk Mode. Some of these options include lock screen, booting/shutdown animation, and GPS/NFC settings.
  • Faster device configuration - Implemented CDN (Content Download Network) to speed up the application and content download process.


Version 1.3

  • New configuration options – New options include adding favorite apps to the home screen, adding shortcuts for content, preloading contacts, and setting the booting and shutdown animation.
  • Preview device settings – Preview the appearance of wallpaper, shortcuts, apps, and content settings while creating the Knox Customization Configurator profile.
  • Device-side and server-side error messages and error codes – Error messages and codes help System Integrators and IT admins troubleshoot issues.
  • Certificate pinning – Enhances network layer security and allows Knox Customization Configurator to resists impersonation by attackers.

Next steps ...

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  • Purchase devices from a participating Samsung reseller or carrier.