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Are all available alphanumeric characters supported within the Knox Configure portal?
No. The Knox Configure portal does not support these special characters (# / $ * % ^ & \ ( ) + ? { } [ ]).
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Can I use an APN resource with a wearable device?
APN support is not available for wearable devices utilizing a Setup edition Knox Configure profile, and only supported for wearable devices utilizing a Dynamic edition profile.
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Can I use an Enterprise license with a wearable device?
No. Wearable devices do not support Enterprise licenses or Enterprise profiles.
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Can I use the same display animation with wearable devices that I can with phones and tablets?
No. The EDJ file format is used exclusively for wearable device animation and is a unique file format compared to phones and tablet device animation files.
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Can my wearable device receive a push update if utilizing a Setup edition profile?
No. New rules are now in place to restrict Setup edition profiles from receiving a push update. A Dynamic profile can still push update another Dynamic edition profile, and a Setup edition profile...
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Do I need to repeat the entire permission request process again to initiate an application push update?
No. Unless your application's package ID has changed, you do not have to re-do a permission request. A Stub API permission is given to each application, and a B2B Seller permission is given...
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Should I use the Knox Configure Feedback page to report technical issues with the portal?
The feedback page is designed for users to leave feedback and suggestions for a potential Knox Configure portal improvement. However, the page does contain a Samsung Knox Support link if you...
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