Knox Configure is a cloud-based service that empowers enterprises to configure, customize, and automate enrollment of Samsung devices that are purchased from authorized Samsung resellers. It simplifies the out-of-box experience by leveraging features from the Knox Customization, Knox Standard, and Knox Premium SDKs.


How it works

Using a web-based console, IT admins or System Integrators create profiles with the device settings, restrictions, apps, and other content that they want to deploy to groups of devices. After devices have been successfully enrolled into the enterprise, they will receive device profiles via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

A product for every need

Knox Configure Setup

Designed for both B2C and B2B deployments, the Setup edition of Knox Configure offers one-time configuration of enrolled devices.

Knox Configure Dynamic

The Dynamic edition of Knox Configure supports dynamic profile updates. Depending on the needs of your enterprise, you could update individual profile settings after a device is enrolled.

Setup edition

  • Supports one-time deployment of settings, content and apps
  • Customize the appearance of the home screen and lock screen
  • Deploy company-banded booting and shutdown animation files
  • Connectivity – turn the following setting on or off:
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • NFC
    • Airplane mode
    • Disable a limited number of apps.

Dynamic edition

In addition to all features in the Setup edition, the Dynamic edition includes:

  • Ability to push updates for settings, contents, and apps.
  • ProKiosk mode – Create a purpose-built device by managing the following settings:
    • Status bar – Show or hide the entire status bar, clock or system icons
    • Input method – Prevent the user from changing the input method
    • Power dialog exit UI – Determine the menu items that appear when the user long presses the power button
    • Whitelist and blacklist apps – Allow or prevent users form installing specific apps.

For more information on Knox Configure editions, see the Feature Comparison Table

Designed to work with MDMs and EMMs

Knox Configure is designed to work alongside MDMs. Knox Configure supports the latest device customization features for Samsung Knox devices. Use your existing MDM to manage and secure your device and use Knox Configure to tailor devices to fit your enterprise’s unique business needs.

Compatible with Knox Mobile Enrollment

If your enterprise used Knox Mobile Enrollment to enroll devices into MDMs, you can enroll the same devices into Knox Configure.


Set default apps  — Push apps to devices and set default apps for specific tasks

Manage the appearance of the UI — Set the wallpaper, determine the layout of app icons, and deploy custom boot animation files to devices

Configure Android settings — Show or hide system settings. Pre-configure device and system settings.



Connectivity settings  — Control the settings for Wi-Fi, Access Point Name (APN), Web proxy

 Apps – Supports the following app configuration policies:

  • Install or disable apps
  • Create lists of recommended apps that users can download from Google Play
  • Manage app whitelists and blacklists. Prevent users from uninstalling specific apps
  • Disable system apps (e.g. browsers, Google Play, S Voice)
  • Prevent the installation of apps from sources other than Google Play
  • Change the name and icon for third-party apps

Content – Deploy files and images to a content folder


ProKiosk mode

Create purpose-built devices by managing the following settings:

  • Status bar – Show or hide the entire status bar, clock, or system icons
  • Input method – Prevent the user from changing the input method
  • Power dialog exit UI – Determine the menu items that appear when the user long presses the power button
  • Apps – Limit device functionality to one app