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Which licenses do I need for the Cloud SDK?
Depending on what feature and APIs you need to access, you need the Knox License Management (KLM) and Enterprise License Management (ELM) keys.
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What kinds of policies are included in the Cloud SDK?
The Cloud SDK includes over 1,500 policies from the Knox Standard and Premium SDK.
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Can I use the Cloud SDK if I don’t already have an MDM?
You need a Cloud SDK-supported MDM in order to deploy policies. If you don’t already have an MDM, you can also build your own with the Knox Standard or Knox Premium SDK. Contact us for more...
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What is the relationship between Knox Mobile Enrollment and Cloud SDK?
You can use Knox Mobile Enrollment to bulk enroll devices to an MDM. Afterwards, you can deploy Cloud SDK policies through that MDM. Knox Mobile Enrollment also supports MDMs that weren’t built with...
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What is the Samsung Enterprise Gateway (SEG)?
The SEG is an interface between enterprises and devices. The SEG allows users to enroll devices to the MDM. The SEG also allows the device to pull the Cloud SDK policies from the MDM server.
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If the Cloud SDK policies are in JavaScript, how can devices interpret those policies?
Samsung devices are preloaded with a Universal MDM Client (UMC) that can interpret JavaScript.
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Do I need to develop an Android client to use the Cloud SDK?
No, you don’t need to develop an app or client to use the Cloud SDK.
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I already use an MDM, why should I also use Cloud SDK?
The Cloud SDK allows MDMs to provide customers with the latest Knox features without updating the MDM client itself. Enterprises can also use Cloud SDK to build their own device-management solution....
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Why was my Knox Mobile Enrollment application rejected?
Your application could be rejected for the following reasons: You have an existing Samsung Account, but didn't click Log in on the right. You have an existing SEAP account, but didn...
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