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What is DA Deprecation?
Google has announced the deprecation of the Device Admin (DA) management mode: https://developers.google.com/android/work/device-admin-deprecation. With Android O, this DA mode is now marked as...
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What is the Samsung Knox SDK?
The Samsung Knox SDK is a consolidation of these Knox SDKs: Knox Standard SDK Knox Premium SDK Knox Customization SDK Knox ISV SDK Knox UCM SDK With the Samsung Knox SDK, there is...
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After the release of the Samsung Knox SDK, can I still use the SDKs that were replaced?
Yes. It might take a few years before the majority of the Samsung devices support the Knox v2.7.1 platform that is required for the Samsung Knox SDK. For backwards compatibility, we will continue to...
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How do I convert an existing app to use the new Samsung Knox SDK?
The exact steps depend on your IDE. The key steps are as follows: Add the new JAR library. Copy the downloaded knoxsdk.jar file your app project’s /lib folder. Then select the file and add it...
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How do I modify my app so that it displays in Samsung DeX mode?
Always follow Android best practices for app development to ensure that your application will display on Samsung DeX. For complete details on how format your app, please see the DeX Developer Guide.
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What features are in the Samsung Knox SDK?
The Samsung Knox SDK combines all the features that were in the previous Samsung Knox SDKs (Standard, Premium, Customization, ISV); providing you with powerful control over all aspects of Samsung...
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What features to control Samsung DeX are in the Knox SDK?
With Knox SDK v3.1, new API methods were introduced to enable the following Samsung DeX features: Enable/disable Samsung DeX Mode Configure Samsung DeX mode screen time out Allow/...
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What is the backwards compatible key?
It is a commercial key that you need to use in conjunction with the  Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) key on devices running Knox v2.7.1 or earlier. You can generate a single backwards...
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What is the impact of DA deprecation to Knox?
Knox APIs that require the caller to be a Device Admin (DA) will continue to be fully supported. There is no change required from UEM providers, app developers, or Knox customers.
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What is the supportlib.jar in the new Samsung Knox SDK?
This JAR library lets you run an app that uses the new Samsung Knox SDK on a device that is running Knox v2.7 or earlier. This is for backwards compatibility, as earlier Knox platforms don't ...
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