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What is Enterprise FOTA (E-FOTA)?
Enterprise FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) is a management service that lets you control how and when firmware updates are performed on mobile enterprise devices. There are two components to E-FOTA,...
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What are the main features of Enterprise FOTA?
Three of the main features of Enterprise FOTA are: Selective FOTA - the ability to choose which firmware to roll out to devices Time control - the ability to control when updates are...
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What industries benefit from Enterprise FOTA?
Highly regulated sectors, such as government and finance, and app development companies stand to get the most benefits from E-FOTA. The ability to control which firmware revisions are used in an...
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Why do enterprise customers need Enterprise FOTA?
The ability to control the upgrading of firmware for devices can be crucial to many enterprises. This enables you to maintain a stable set of Corporate Liable devices for use in day-to-day business...
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What benefits do MDM developers get from Enterprise FOTA?
Integrating Enterprise FOTA into your MDM app provides the following benefits: Extend MDM feature set with the ability to control firmware upgrades Build a new business model for OS...
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What Samsung devices support Enterprise FOTA?
To use Enterprise FOTA, devices need: Android Nougat (7.0) or above. As Android Nougat updates are made available to other Samsung tablets and phones, E-FOTA support will be added. Knox...
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Is there a server dedicated to Enterprise FOTA?
Yes, there is an Enterprise FOTA server that exists to serve E-FOTA customers, which is separate from the Samsung FOTA server.
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What are the benefits of using Enterprise FOTA?
The primary benefits of using Enterprise FOTA in your organization are: Stabilize your mobile IT ecosystem by adopting selective firmware upgrades only after extensive testing to avoid...
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What is the main difference between FOTA and Enterprise FOTA?
The main difference between FOTA and Enterprise FOTA is the choice of firmware revisions available to the device user. If a user's device upgrades are handled by FOTA, they can only download the...
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What licenses are required to use Enterprise FOTA?
To use Enterprise FOTA, you need the following: ELM license - The developer of an MDM app on a device needs this free license to use the Knox Standard SDK to set the highest firmware version...
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