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Can I use Knox E-FOTA v1 APIs in combination with Knox E-FOTA v2 APIs?
Yes, Knox E-FOTA v2 APIs are compatible with Knox E-FOTA v1 APIs. For example, an IT admin can use groupRegister from Knox E-FOTA v2 to register a group of devices to a license using the...
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How do I request a trial license for Knox E-FOTA?
There are two ways to request a trial license for Knox E-FOTA: If you’re a reseller, generate a trial license through Samsung License Management (SLM). Alternatively: To request a trial...
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If I sent a request in JSON for Knox E-FOTA, will I receive a JSON return instead of XML?
While Knox E-FOTA accepts JSON requests, it currently only sends returns in XML.  An option is to parse the XML returns.
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What is Knox Enterprise FOTA (E-FOTA)?
Knox Enterprise FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) is a management service that lets you control how and when firmware updates are performed on mobile enterprise devices. There are two components to Knox E...
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What are the main features of Knox E-FOTA?
Three of the main features of Knox E-FOTA are: Select firmware - the ability to choose which firmware version to roll out to different devices Schedule udpates - the ability to specify the...
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What industries benefit from Knox E-FOTA?
Highly regulated sectors, such as government and finance, and app development companies stand to get the most benefits from Knox E-FOTA. The ability to control which firmware revisions are used in...
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Why do enterprise customers need Knox E-FOTA?
The ability to control the upgrading of firmware for devices can be crucial to many enterprises. This enables you to maintain a stable set of Corporate Liable devices for use in day-to-day business...
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What benefits do MDM developers get from Knox E-FOTA?
Integrating Knox E-FOTA into your MDM app provides the following benefits: Extend MDM feature set with the ability to control firmware upgrades Build a new business model for OS management
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What Samsung devices support Knox E-FOTA?
To use Knox E-FOTA, devices need: Android Nougat (7.0) or above. As Android Nougat and later updates are made available to other Samsung tablets and phones, Knox E-FOTA support will be added...
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Is there a server dedicated to Knox E-FOTA?
Yes, there is a Samsung Knox E-FOTA server for enterprise customers, which is separate from the FOTA server for consumers.
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