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What are the Cordova plugins contributed by Samsung?
Currently, the following are the Cordova Plugins contributed by Samsung to the open source community: Bluetooth Low Energy Image Filter MultiWindow Remote Sensor Rich Notification...
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Can I use the Pen Cordova plugin to launch an inline or popup surface preloaded with background image?
Yes. You can use the imageUri field available in the inline or popup surface, and launch with a preloaded image as background. Also, you can use the imageUriScaleType option to decide the...
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Do Samsung Cordova APIs provide one-to-one mapping with Samsung Native SDK APIs?
No. The Cordova plugin APIs are designed based on end-to-end use cases. For example, the Cordova plugin for Pen provides simple API methods such as launchSurfacePopup(), launchSurfaceInline...
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Does the MultiWindow Cordova Plugin support the object drag and drop feature?
No. Currently, the MultiWindow Cordova Plugin does not support the drag and drop of objects.
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Does the Pen Cordova Plugin support all the features of the Samsung Pen SDK?
Currently, only specific use cases related to pen writing/drawing, pen settings, setting up background image, shape recognition, and text recognition are supported. For more information, refer the...
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How are the Cordova plugin APIs different from the native Android SDK APIs?
The native SDKs provide Java interfaces and libraries that can be used with the Android platform to develop feature-rich and powerful Android apps. Cordova follows plugin architecture by...
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I'm using the Cordova plugin for Rich Notification. Why is the Gear device not connecting to my device?
You can reset the Gear device before connecting to your device, and then establish the connection through Gear Manager App. Make sure the Gear Manager is installed followed by: 1. Remote...
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Is the Cordova plugin for the Pen SDK available only on Galaxy Note devices?
No. All Samsung Galaxy series devices support the Pen Cordova Plugin. The Note devices just provide more functions related to S Pen styles. Other devices can use only hand mode for writing and...
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What are the Gear devices supported by the Rich Notification Cordova plugin?
The Rich Notification Cordova Plugin currently supports only the Gear S device.
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What can the Cordova Plugin for the Rich Notification SDK do?
The Rich Notification SDK provides APIs to show actionable and customizable notifications on Gear S devices. Rich Notifications have the following characteristics: Glance-able: Rich...
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