Location: United States

Website: http://www.bridge-global.com

Industry: Automotive, Aviation, Cross-industry, Education, Finance, Healthcare, Retail & hospitality, Transportation & logistics, Other industries, White-label Solutions

Solution category: Messaging, Productivity (BI), Security-MDM, Security-VPN, Unified communication & collaboration, Industry specific solution, Cross-industry enterprise solution

Company description

Bridge Global Inc is the US entity of the multinational company Bridge Global. Bridge is in the business of global IT collaboration, consulting, and provide Onshore-Nearshore-Offshore IT Solutions to customers embarking on their digitalization journey BRIDGE offers Custom IT solutions and Tailored IT Talent Solutions. With offices in the Netherlands, US, Sweden, India and Ukraine Bridge offers a truly global Onshore | Offshore | Nearshore engagement solutions to its customer.


Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Silver Tier