Location: Russia

Website: http://www.fsa3d.com

Industry: Education, Government, Other industries, Public safety, Law enforcement

Solution category: Virtualization, Industry specific solution, Mobile workplaces for Investigators (Public safety, Law enforcement, Police)

Company description

Fundamental Systems of Analysis llc.co. (FSA llc.co.) is IT SME, which developing special software for specialists of public safety and operative services, investigators and forensic experts: | techniques and tools of effective e-learning and training for law enforcement officers and law students (interactive simulators, virtual trainers, gamification - Serious Game: Simulation-based Learning, VR) | mobile solutions for automatization (collecting, recording data) work on the scene of incident | action. "Fundamental Systems of Analysis" llc.co. (“FSA”, llc.co.): | "Skolkovo" Participant (IT cluster, num. 1121021) | Member of the RUSSOFT Association | Participant of international platforms for science and innovation cooperation at EU program Horizon2020 CORDIS (PIC #928709914) | Participant of platform for cooperation SME Enterprise Europe Network-Russia - EEN (#BORU20151208004) | Received state accreditation in the field of information technology. The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation granted accreditation for "FSA" company (decision from 02.02.2016) as organization operating in the field of information technology | Member of the International Union of Assistance to Justice


Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Silver Tier