Location: United States

Website: http://www.trxsystems.com

Industry: Government, Public Safety, Other industries, Public Safety (Law Enforcement, EMT, Federal Agencies) and Test & Measurement

Solution category: Industry specific solution, Situational awareness: 3D Mapping, and Personnel Tracking in GPS-denied Environments, Signal Mapping.

Company description

TRX Systems delivers mission critical 3D mapping, location and tracking data for personnel operating in GPS-denied environments to provide improved situational awareness, command effectiveness and safety for users including: 1.) Public safety personnel (law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, and disaster response personnel) who must work indoors, underground, and in other areas where GPS does not work; 2.) Security personnel who patrol or guard locations inside critical infrastructure such as airports, ports, railways, and border patrol regions which have both in-building and underground areas without view of GPS satellites; and 3.) Military personnel who often operate in GPS-denied environments such as inside buildings, in subterranean environments, and on the battlefield where GPS can be intentionally denied. TRX Systems is the first company to use sensor fusion and dynamic mapping of structural and RF features to provide seamless personnel location and tracking indoors and out. This approach allows delivery of location without requiring installation of dense or networked infrastructure, essential when operating in buildings which are large and complex, may be costly to retrofit or may not be under your administrative control. The approach also allows operation throughout a disaster, when power may go out, WiFi may be unavailable, and network input may become unavailable. Based on more than 10 years of development, testing, and validation, with significant user community support, TRX first deployed NEON in 2016 and the solution has now been deployed to hundreds of organizations. The TRX NEON techniques for delivering mission critical localization are covered by more than 38 issued patents. TRX sells in a B2B model directly to our customers or indirectly through our distribution and channel partners.


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