Location: United States

Website: http://www.conversasolutions.com/

Industry: Automotive, Aviation, Education, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Retail & hospitality, Transportation & logistics, Other industries, Network Operators, Regional Operators, CCA Members, MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Telecommunications, Carriers

Solution category: Security-MDM, Industry specific solution, Device Financing / Subsidy Protection, Application Deployment, Application Management, Kiosk Solutions, Device Customization

Company description

Conversa Solutions, a Vertex Wireless company, is a “full service” software development firm that focuses on the mobile industry. Conversa specializes in Android OS Customization, Software Development, Application Development, Mobile Device Customization, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Device Lab Testing, and Homologation Support. Simply said, our products and services ‘Make Wireless Work’! Our software development and engineering teams have extensive experience in software development, android firmware development, device customization, Operator networks, website development, logistics, and project management across every vertical of the mobile ecosystem. As a Samsung Knox Customization SI and Samsung Enterprise Alliance Partner, Conversa demonstrates a mutually beneficial partnership and well-seasoned expertise to our customers.


subsidyLOCK protects a Retailer, Carrier, or MVNO's up-front investment/subsidy on their device. subsidyLOCK marries the device IMEI to the SIM and immediately locks the device if the two are separated. Users must call Customer Service to either pay their remaining device costs or get a PIN to...

Maximize The Value Of Each Subscriber

• Disable devices remotely after non-payment

• Managing devices is automated and fast

• Designed to support EIP and device leasing programs

• Integration support for major billing system providers



Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Silver Tier