Location: United Kingdom

Website: http://www.mezzoglobal.com

Industry: Aviation, Cross-industry, Retail & hospitality, Other industries, Other Industries

Solution category: Industry specific solution, Industry Specific Solution

Company description

Mezzoglobal was founded in 2004. Specialising in the development and integration of software for the travel industry, Mezzoglobal enables connected passengers, connected crew and connected business. We help air, marine, rail and land travel operators to offer a fully connected travel experience. We make connected travel better, simpler and lower cost for them, and in turn their passengers get a better travel experience, We are baed in London, UK and serve companies around the world.


The Mezzo CareSystem helps airlines to deliver a world-leading entertainment experience to their passengers, and to provide cabin crew with innovative and onboard management
tools and systems.
In doing so, airlines can generate revenue, as well as save time and costs, ultimately...


Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Gold Tier