Location: Denmark

Website: http://www.7p-mdm.com

Industry: Automotive, Cross-industry, Education, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Retail & hospitality, Transportation & logistics, Other industries, Telecommunication

Solution category: Productivity (BI), Security-MDM, Industry specific solution, Telecommunication, Energy, Transportation

Company description

7P Scandinavia is a daughter company within the 7P Group, which has its HQ in Cologne in Germany. The Scandinavian company is responsible for all activities within the Nordics, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. The office is facilitated in Copenhagen. 7P is a German based company that has its special with Enterprise Mobility Solutions including development, maintenance and support of the 7P MDM5 solution. The MDM5 solution can be installed on-Premise, co-hosted, hosted and is also offered as 7P Cloud offering. It is possible to do rebranding both on server and client side as well there is a Cloud Management tool for those operators and ISV's that wants to provide their own MDM and EMM offering based on the 7P MDM5 code. Especially for mobile operators there has been developed APS package integration, which means that operators from their billing or provisioning platform can apply new MDM instances with certain preconfiguration. One of the benefits inside 7P MDM5 is the broad mobile device OS platform support from Android 2.x and higher including Knox Standard MDM api support, Knox Workspace, Knox Mobile Enrollment and very soon also E-FOTA. The other mobile OS platforms that are supported are iOS from 5.x and higher, WindowsPhone 8, 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, macOS as well Symbian. Focus within 7P MDM5 is to take use and advantage on as many devices based features as possible before taking add'on components and apps or services in use.


The 7P MDM5 solution is an advamced, scaleable and multi tenancy MDM and EMM solution that uses the entire scale of Knox standard MDM api's for advanced management of Samsung Android mobile devices as well integrated api support for containerization using the Knox Workspace api's.


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