Location: Italy

Website: http://www.needius.com

Industry: Healthcare

Solution category: Messaging

Company description

Needius Srl based in Italy, provides specialized services and products (software and hardware) in the field of disabilities and special needs. Needius deals with research, prototyping and sale of technological, physical and intellectual aids as well as software and hardware tools. Our mission is to exploit innovative technologies in order to create solutions and aid tools addressed to people with special needs and disabilities. Needius provides people affected by verbal disabilities with an innovative solution to communicate through a touchscreen tablet, Blu(e), which is a digitalization of the AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) paper tool. This communication device offers great advantages both for therapeutic and scientific purposes. Blu(e) gives you the possibility to create synergies among the child, the family and the therapeutic network which were not possible before. The services Needius provides follow an innovative project method with the focus of creating inclusive context for the various human activities, the so-called Universal Design, also for project and management processes of the educational practice. Other areas of interest concern the accessiiblity sector, especially tourism, medical and assistance sectors and the education and e-learning sectors. Our team consists of experts and consultants and all are committed to become innovators for possible applications of new technologies supporting disabilities and special needs.


The A.A.C. (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) aims at improving communication skills in people with communication impairments so that they can easily satisfy their daily needs. The most used method for the A.A.C. is the symbol notebook, which is customised on the basis of the kid’s...


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