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29 Sep 2016

Tech Webinar: Tizen Wearable SDK (October 27, 2016)

Build powerful and secure apps on the Samsung Gear S3. Our October Webinar will cover the core features of the Knox Tizen Wearable SDK.
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28 Sep 2016

SEAP Feature Highlight: B2B Marketing Materials

The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program aims to provide you with the tools and resources to you from development to final sale. The marketing resources section in SEAP provides you with B2B-specific marketing materials - including the latest...
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12 Sep 2016

App permissions in the age of Pokémon GO — Why SDK license keys matter [Knox 2.7 series]

In less than a month, consumers downloaded over 100 million copies of Pokémon GO, showing the rate at which global adoption can occur. What you may have missed — in all the excitement — is Niantic's notice that the iOS version of their app...
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1 Sep 2016

Deploy the Gear S3 into your enterprise

Samsung today announced the launch of the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, the most powerful and versatile device in our line of Galaxy wearables. The Gear S3 will be available in two distinct styles – the Frontier, a daily active watch for...
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25 Aug 2016

Samsung Knox Standard SDK v5.7 and Knox Premium SDK v2.7 [Knox 2.7 Series]

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Knox Standard SDK v5.7 and the Knox Premium SDK v2.7. These SDKs contain several new features and feature enhancements for your enterprise solution. You can download these SDKs for free from our SDK...
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23 Aug 2016

Security made simple: Introducing Knox Enabled App 2.7 [Knox 2.7 Series]

Hi there! My name is Travis Yoo, and I’m the Product Manager for Knox Enabled App (KEA) at Samsung Electronics. I’m pleased to announce the release of KEA version 2.7! With each update of KEA, we aim to improve the usability and security of...
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18 Aug 2016

Configure your experience with Knox Customization SDK v2.7 (Knox 2.7 Series)

We're pleased to announce version 2.7 of the Knox Customization SDK! This update provides additional methods to customize your users' experiences.
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17 Aug 2016

Tech Webinar Recap - Cordova Plugins for Samsung (August 17, 2016)

Our August Webinar is on Cordova Plugins for Samsung, which allows you to build hybrid apps and still access Samsung device-specific features.
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