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19 Dec 2018

Support for managed configurations is coming to Samsung apps

As a big player in the Android ecosystem, we have decided to begin supporting managed configurations on Samsung apps, starting with Samsung Email.  What is managed configurations? Managed configurations is an app configuration feature...
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17 Dec 2018

What's new in Knox SDK 3.2.1?

Introducing Knox SDK v3.2.1, the latest update to our SDK, providing you with many different APIs to build apps and mobile solutions that meet the needs of enterprises. The Knox SDK consolidates several existing SDKs into one convenient...
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5 Dec 2018

Knox VPN framework namespace changes

With the release of Knox SDK v3.4 in 2019, the Knox VPN framework merges with the Knox SDK. As part of the Knox SDK, partners must update their VPN clients to use the new namespace, as the Knox VPN framework currently uses the legacy...
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5 Dec 2018

Samsung devices and File-based Encryption (FBE)

The new Samsung smartphones–scheduled to reach consumers in early 2019–add support for File-based Encryption (FBE), which is a feature of the Android OS. This blog post provides a high-level overview of FBE as well as more information about...
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6 Nov 2018

Striking a balance between mobility and security

Mobility enhances collaborators’ productivity to the point that nowadays, 93% of employees use a smartphone at work everyday. The mobile workforce, whether it relies on personal (BYOD) or corporate-owned (COPE) devices, multiplies corporate...
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13 Nov 2018

Now available: KPE Premium key

You can now purchase KPE Premium license keys from Knox resellers. This upgraded key provides a number of benefits to developers. The KPE Premium key offers you new benefits: 1. Simpler to Deploy
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17 Sep 2018

How Samsung DeX can transform your enterprise

Let’s face it. No matter how large we make our phones, our phone screens will always be smaller than the PC monitors on our desks. Phones and PCs have their respective use-cases, but try to pinch and swipe a mobile phone to carry out complex...
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17 Aug 2018

What's new in Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.3

With the highly anticipated Galaxy Watch releasing soon, the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.3 is now available for download. This version includes new features for automatic call answering, preventing screen lock, and controlling dangerous...
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16 Aug 2018

What's new in the Knox 3.2 SDK

Samsung continues to evolve mobile device enterprise security and manageability with its newest Knox 3.2 SDK, which adds new features that can be paired with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone.
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30 May 2018

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Changes to old Samsung Knox namespaces

To fit Android’s namespace conventions, we are changing all of the namespaces in the legacy Knox SDKs to the namespace of the new Knox SDK. That means you’ll have to update your app to use the new namespace. We’ll tell you how.      
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