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15 Nov 2017

What's new in the Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.2

The Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables v2.2 is now available for download. This version includes new features that enhance wearable device management, security, and customization.
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6 Oct 2017

[In-Depth Look #5] Fully Powered and Protected: The Foundational Galaxy Features of the Galaxy Note8

Built on the Galaxy foundation users have come to know and love, the Galaxy Note8 offers the same great collection of cutting-edge features that have over the past few years redefined the mobile experience. With enhanced performance...
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5 Oct 2017

[In-Depth Look #4] Created to do Bigger Things: The Design of the Galaxy Note8

With the Galaxy Note8, Samsung continues to showcase its heritage in both hardware and software innovation. The phone offers an optimal user experience with a large form factor that easily fits in one hand, innovative display design and...
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4 Oct 2017

[In-Depth Look #3] Do More, Play More: The Entertainment and Productivity Features of the Galaxy Note8

Inspired by the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note8 builds on Samsung’s heritage of creating stunning designs with meaningful functionality, incorporating a large, bezel-less Infinity Display to allow users to see more, do more and play more....
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3 Oct 2017

[In-Depth Look #2] Redefining Mobile Photography: The Camera of the Galaxy Note8

Samsung has once again set the standard for smartphone cameras in terms of both hardware and software with the Galaxy Note8 – the first smartphone with two 12MP rear cameras with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the wide-angle and...
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2 Oct 2017

[In-Depth Look #1] A New Way to Communicate: The S Pen of the Galaxy Note8

Since its launch, the S Pen has been the defining feature of the Note series, and has helped users unlock unique ways to interact with their devices – and their loved ones. Now, with the Galaxy Note8, the S Pen takes things a step further....
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29 Sep 2017

[Infographic] The Features and Functions of the Galaxy Note8

A continuation of the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy Note8 is equipped with a number of new features and functions that help people do bigger things.
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28 Sep 2017

[Hands-On] What’s New with the Galaxy Note8

When Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note in 2011, it was the first-of-its-kind large-screen device that enabled users to do things they never thought possible with a smartphone. Since then, a community of loyal enthusiasts has emerged...
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28 Sep 2017

Samsung Bug Bounty - Get up to $200,000 by reporting vulnerabilities

Samsung Electronics has recently launched a new security initiative – the Samsung Mobile Security Rewards Program. The bug bounty program will compensate users who are able to find and submit an eligible security vulnerability report....
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27 Sep 2017

Do Bigger Things with Samsung Galaxy Note8, the Next Level Note

Samsung Electronics introduces the Galaxy Note8, the next level Note for people who want to do bigger things. With the Galaxy Note8, consumers get a bigger Infinity Display that fits comfortably in one hand, S Pen to communicate in more...
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