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13 Jun 2019

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Reminder to transition from the old namespaces

This is a reminder that for your apps to continue to work on Android Q, you must stop using the legacy Knox Standard, Premium, Customization, ISV, UCM, and VPN SDKs and their namespaces. If you do not make these changes prior to Android Q,...
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10 Jun 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Common Criteria Mode

What is CC mode? Knox supports advanced device configurations tailored to the defense industry. A single Knox setting can apply many of the configurations needed to put the device into a compliant state.
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22 Apr 2019

Knox Licensing Enhancements

What may have been missed amongst the announcements about the Samsung Knox 3.3 release were a couple of updates to our licensing model. With Knox 3.3, we introduced two new license types for our Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE):
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17 Apr 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Certificate Enrollment Protocols

What are Certificate Enrollment Protocols (CEPs)? Mobile apps such as email, browser, Wi-Fi, and VPN use digital certificates for authentication, digital signatures, and encryption.
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3 Apr 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Knox Verified Boot

With the most recent Knox 3.3 version release, the Samsung Knox team is pleased to introduce Knox Verified Boot. Knox Verified Boot (KVB) is a new solution that both extends and enhances Android Verified Boot (AVB). While AVB only checks the...
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29 Mar 2019

Knox Code Bytes: Control apps on devices

Welcome to the second Knox Code Bytes blog post. Throughout this series, we walk you through some of our most popular API calls. It is also meant for those who are new to the SDK, have not used all the APIs yet, or want to improve their...
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28 Mar 2019

Optimize your app development for foldable displays

Pushing the limits of mobile tradition, Samsung revealed a revolutionary new smartphone category at Unpacked 2019. The arrival of the Galaxy Fold sets a new precedent for developers across the globe.
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29 Jan 2019

Knox Deep Dive: Sensitive Data Protection

Protecting Data-At-Rest (DAR) on mobile devices is a major concern. While the industry standard is to encrypt all data on a device, that data is decrypted and accessible after the device boots successfully. If a device is lost or stolen, a...
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29 Jan 2019

Improving your mobile development experience with Remote Test Lab

In November 2018, we conducted a developer survey aimed towards improving the SEAP user experience. In response to the question “What business needs did you want to meet with SEAP?”, an overwhelming 83% of respondents wanted access to test...
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