The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) provides SDKs that give you access to proprietary features on Samsung devices. With these features, you can create richer, more secure and differentiated solutions. To develop and commercialize these solutions with our SDKs, you need license keys.

Should a license get into the wrong hands or become compromised, we can revoke it or deny access to the licensed features.

License types

There are several license types, which provide access to different SDKs and services:

  • Samsung Knox License (SKL) – Provides access to the new Samsung Knox SDK. This new license replaces the existing ELM, ISV, and KLM license keys using an Android permissions model to identify the features used by an app. For more information about this license type, see License Enhancements.
  • REST API license – Provides web access to the Cloud SDK and web services such as Attestation and Enterprise FOTA.

The following license types were replaced by the new Samsung Knox license, but are still supported for backwards compatibility with legacy SDKs:

  • Enterprise (ELM) license – Provides access to SDKs that require partner authentication for production distribution. These include the Knox Standard, Knox Premium, Knox Customization, and the Samsung EDU SDKs.
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) license – Provides access to SDKs that anyone can use, like the Knox ISV and Samsung India Identity SDKs.
  • Knox (KLM) license – Provides access to premium features, such as containerization with the Knox Premium SDK or devices configuration with the Knox Customization SDK. Developers requiring premium features can get a free development license for testing purposes. B2B partners integrating the app into their solutions can purchase a production KLM license for each customer and track and bill their usage of these features.

License verification

Your app provides a license for verification purposes. When using a:

  • Device-based SDK – Your app activates a license before calling APIs in the SDK. A Samsung licensing agent on the device verifies with a web-based license server that you are allowed to use the called APIs. Furthermore, it verifies that the app that is activating the license was the same app that was registered with the license when you first requested the license through the SEAP website.
  • Web service – This includes the Cloud SDK, Attestation, and E-FOTA. Your web script includes the license with every REST API call. The web server verifies that you are allowed to use the called REST APIs.

License life cycle

There are two versions of a license:

  • Development – While you are still working on your app, you use a Development license key, which has an expiration date and can be used on a limited number of devices.
  • Production – When you are ready to release your app commercially, you use a Production license key. For:
    • Enterprise (ELM), ISV, Samsung Knox License – If you are registered as a Developer, request an upgrade to Partner status to access production licenses. You can then get the production keys through this SEAP website.
    • Knox (KLM) license – Because these are paid licenses, they are purchased through the Global Samsung Business Network (GSBN). Typically, partners such as EMM vendors and Systems Integrators order production Knox licenses on behalf of their customers through Knox resellers.

See Generate License Keys for more detailed information regarding license permissions.

License keys required by SDK/development tool

Key Type Knox
Knox Enabled
India Identity
Identify developer to web servers
Identify developer to device SDKs
Track premium features activated
(paid) by users
Identify developer, track premium features

License keys for developers
SDK Type ELM License KLM License SKL License + Backwards Compatible Key
Seats Valid for Licenses Seats Valid for Licenses Seats Valid for Licenses
Knox SDK** Development 1         10 3 months 1
Samsung EDU SDK Development 10 3 months 1        
Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables Development 10 3 months 1 10 3 months 1    
License keys for partners
SDK Type ELM License KLM License SKL License + Backwards Compatible Key
Seats Valid for Licenses Seats Valid for Licenses Seats Valid for Licenses
Knox SDK** Development1         30 6 months 1
Production (SKL)2         unlimited up to 100
Production (ELM)3 unlimited up to 100        
Production (KLM)4     Purchase through Knox reseller or GSBN    
Knox Enabled App Development     10 6 months 1    
Production unlimited          
Samsung EDU SDK
Knox Tizen SDK for Wearables*
Development 10 6 months 1        
Production     up to 100 *Purchase through Knox reseller    
** Find more about Knox permissions here.
1. Development key provides all Knox permissions (Standard, Premium and Customization).
2. Production (SKL) key provides Standard permissions only. For paid features, you need Production ELM and KLM keys.
3. Production (ELM) key provides Standard permissions.
4. Production (KLM) key provides Premium and Customization permissions.

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