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This section provides an introduction to the app migration process.

Differences between Knox SDK 2.x and 3.x

See what's new for an overview on what the changes are in the Knox 3.x SDK. For more information, go to the SEAP Samsung Knox SDK page.

Name space differences

Here is a code sample showing an app importing Knox API packages with the old namespace:



import com.sec.enterprise.knox.container.KnoxContainerManager;

Here is how you would now import these packages using the new consolidated namespace:




Updating an app to use the new namespace is straightforward, especially with an IDE like Android Studio, which can look up the class for an API method. Although the old namespaces will be supported for some time, we strongly encourage you to update your existing apps now to avoid any future anomalies.


  1. Samsung Knox SDK: This new consolidated SDK provides two JAR libraries:
    • knoxsdk.jar - This provides all the API methods in the Samsung Knox SDK, using the new namespace for its API methods, intents, and permissions.
    • supportlib.jar - This library provides backwards compatibility with older devices, translating the new namespace used by the Samsung Knox SDK to the old namespace recognized by the older devices.
  2. Samsung Android phones, with:
    • Knox v3.0 or later - These devices have built-in support for the Samsung Knox SDK and can recognize the new namespace being used by its API methods, intents, and permissions. For these phones, you need to compile only the knoxsdk.jar.
    • Knox v2.9 or earlier -These older devices don’t recognize the new namespace. You can compile the supportlib.jar into your app and test to ensure that your updated app works on older devices.
  3. Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license key - This consolidated license replaces the legacy licenses (ELM, KLM, ISV). To generate a license, see Generate a license.

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