Samsung Knox™ SDK Developer Guide

Welcome to the Samsung Knox SDK. Through this SDK, you can manage a comprehensive set of features on a Samsung Android mobile device. You can control the device's accounts, email accounts, LDAP accounts etc.) apps, connections, virtual containers, customization features, device settings, keystore, security, VPN, and more. The Samsung Knox SDK contains both free and paid features. With over 1500 API methods, the SDK provides a powerful toolkit for developers to create compelling and differentiating solutions. The SDK is especially well-suited for enterprises that want full control over their devices' setup and the ability to meet the strictest corporate and industry requirements for security.


The Samsung Knox SDK has many applications and can be used by a wide array of developers:

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendors. These developers create device-based Android apps that take commands OTA from web consoles being used by IT admins to manage enterprise devices.
  • Systems Integrators (SI). These developers create purpose-built devices for vertical markets, for example, informational kiosks for hospitality, in-flight entertainment systems for airlines, or point-of-sales devices for the retail industry.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV) developing enterprise apps. These developers might be using just a few features in the SDK to enhance their apps, for example, using attestation to ensure that a Samsung devices has not been rooted or Sensitive Data Protection (SDP) to add another layer of data security for their app.

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