What happens to existing Work Profiles?

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Existing Android Work Profiles on Android N will continue to work once upgraded to Android O. The following are key changes to existing Android Work Profiles.

Updated Icon, Badge and Name

Android Work Profiles on Android O are called Workspace in Knox 3.0. The icon and badge are changed as follows:

Work Profile on Android N

../../../../../../Downloads/Screenshot_20180104-201042.m ../../../../../../Downloads/Screenshot_20180104-201046.

Work Profile on Android O

Mini Launcher

Work Profile on Android O adopts Knox Workspace’s Folder mode in which work apps are in a mini launcher instead of an Android app folder. Device users are provided an additional work setting “Hide Work Apps”. When users select this setting, work apps are only shown inside the mini launcher.

The “Hide Work Apps” setting is active by default for a new creation Workspace. However, for upgrades from N to O, this setting is deactivated to minimize existing user impact.

        App Folder           Mini Launcher          Hide Work Apps Setting

../../../../../../Downloads/Screenshot_20180104-201046. Screenshot_20180109-101127_Workspace.jpg

Work Settings

Work settings on Android N are part of device settings. On Android O work settings are no longer part of device settings. Instead work settings are available to the user as a separate app inside the profile. There are a few exceptions such as battery usage and location that are still part of device settings.