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GPS stops working when phone is locked or app in background
Hello!   I have a question very similar to this one:
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setSensorDisabled - Deprecated
Hi, setSensorDisabled() has been deprecate in API 27.
0 0 6 hours 49 min
Determine Device Knox License Usage by Serial Number
Is there a way to obtain a list of devices (by serial number) that are currently utilizing a KNOX license?
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How to Flash a Device
Hi, How can I flash a Device, You can use Odin, But where can I download Odin from?
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Api to power off device not working in oreo device
Hi team, The api to power-off device is not working in oreo device.   Sample Code  : 
0 0 3 days 11 hours
"Always on" support on Tizen wearables?
0 0 3 days 16 hours
Publish Audio Streaming to Wowza Server
Hi! I am developing an alarm management Web Application on a wearable device (Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm)
0 0 1 week 3 days
Android Legacy Generic VPN
0 0 1 week 6 days
RemoteInjection.injectPointerEvent injects at wrong coordinates
I observed this behaviour on Galaxy Note8 using KNOX SDK 3.3 for injecting events through my app.
0 0 2 weeks 12 hours
BLE Scan problems with Samsung devices
I worked on an application which use a BLE scan into a foreground service. I used ScanFilter in order to get scan results when the screen of my phone is locked.

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ELM license, Admin does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT
Testing device: Galaxy s8+ with Android 9. Knox license: commercial ELM license.  
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Possible to Identify Galaxy Watch Color?
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Samsung J6 cannot receive SMS message but can send SMS message after it was upgraded to Android 9.0.
Hi Team,
0 0 3 weeks 12 hours
Email synchronization stopped on Samsung S8 devices after June 2019 security patch update
Hi Team,
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Device bricked
Hi, I installed my app on a fresh new Samsung tablet and applied factory reset restriction, safe mode restriction and download mode restriction.
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How to obtain an attestation REST API key
I'd like to use root phone verification in my company app, however I can't generate Attestation REST API key on SEAP. Is this feature limited to partners only? Thanks and Best Regards,
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DomainFilterRules not working
0 0 1 month 10 hours
KNOX STANDARD SDK after July 2019
Hi, We have many customers who are using our application that was built upon KNOX STANDARD SDK 5.7
0 0 1 month 17 hours
Samsung will deprecate KPE features duplicated in AE
We are working on the AP with the use of Samsung KNOX SDK. 
0 0 1 month 19 hours
Samsung will deprecate KPE features duplicated in AE
We are working on the AP with the use of Samsung KNOX SDK. 
0 0 1 month 19 hours