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Is it possible to prohibit the deactivation of a Wi-Fi access point when there are no clients
Hello. I am using Knox premium SDK.
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Suppressing Device Firmware upate using Knox EnterpriseDeviceManager
I have an application which runs on an Android phone.
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Block incoming calls
Good morning, We are trying to block all incoming calls on the device without success. We are using the method:
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Samsung mail URI scheme
Is there an URI scheme to call the Samsung mail app?
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Tab E 9.6
Hello  i want generate kiosk on galaxy tab E 9.6, can you help me please?
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Issues faced with Data Usage APIs
We want to implemnet a feature to show the apps data usage for which we have used following code:
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삼성 스포츠 기어 S3 tizen 개발에서 NFC 에러....error message : nfc_se_get_card_emulation_mode failed:0
저는 NFC가 리드 되었을 경우 ID가 변경되지 않도록 하기 위해서 삼성 관련 담당자에게 문의한바 있습니다.  관련 담당자 의견에 의해 확인된 사실로는 해당 제품에서는 (NFC P2P/Reader 미지원)으로 확인 되었습니다. 
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Call me
I don't know how to get my an is lissicn can someone please call me 
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Gear Sport NFC 사용법에 대한 문의를 드립니다.
Gear Sport NFC 사용법에 대한 문의를 드립니다.  기어 스포츠를 활용한 타이젠 네이티브 개발에서  ///////////////////////////////////// 문제점 /////////////////////////////////////////////////
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Check certificate error [-12] failed 에 대한 문의
기어 스포츠를 활용한 타이젠 네이티브 개발에서  삼성 사이트에 각각의 기어를 등록하였고 등록 한 후 당일 프로그램 업로드를 수행하니 Failed가 발생합니다.   Check certificate error [-12] failed
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WiFi Profile and WiFi Hotspot Settings Sample Apps
Hello, Our company has some trouble of setting WiFi security type. In KNOX Level 26 (Android 8.0),
0 1 2 months 6 days
Samsung Knox License (SKL) Key generation fails
My SKL key has expired. But when I tried to generate a new key, it returned "You have already created a development Samsung Knox License (SKL) key."  Any solutions?
0 0 3 months 1 week
How to get notification for Background Camera/Microphone/Location access using APM Policy
I have used setAPMStatus() API in App Permission Mon
0 0 3 months 2 weeks
Samsung Education SDK supports what OS version and devices
Base on Samsung Education SDK version, which OS version and tablets and/or phone support?
0 0 3 months 2 weeks
SDP Engine Error
I followed the steps described at the site
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How to detect the headset.
Our company mobile card reader for payment. It communicate thru ear-microphone. the galaxy phone detect our mobile card reader as like the headset( ear and microphone).
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How to lead user to 'Settings menu > Workspace Settings > Lock and security > Fingerprint Scanner' programmatically?
Our app supports fingerprint authentication to get inside app. For this, we want to provide user the capability to enrol fingerprint if not already done. 
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getApplicationNetworkStats not consumed data from hotspot opened point . Help pls. URGENT!
Hello guys. Im tried to calculate mobile data . And its work with this function :
0 0 4 months 3 weeks
enableSimPinLock not working
Hello enableSimPinLock () return SIM_PIN_ERROR_UNKNOWN any idea ? Device samsung - SM-G550FY Operating System 6.0.1 - G550FYDDU1BRD1 - 23
0 0 4 months 3 weeks
Need more help on our query related to FM Radio APIs - Please reply..
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