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Do Android Enterprise/for Work profiles (non-KPE-licensed) get SDP protection on Samsung devices still
Back in the days of Knox 2.6, Samsung advertised that Android for Work profiles got extra protection on Knox devices. SDP, TIMA, and the other knox goodies.
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Is there a broadcast for when the user leaves the container?
I was wondering if there was a broadcast sent out when the user leaves the container and returns to the personal side of the device?  
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Activate license in internal customer network
Dear collegues, 
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Knox API class PhoneRestrictionPolicy sim card retries left
We've been using the class PhoneRestrictionPolicy and some of its methods like setUnlockSimOnBootState, disableSimPinLock, enableSimPinLock, etc.
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Screenshot Java Sample
Is there any screenshot java sample using Knox API avaialble for download?
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Can I Connect to VPN without third party apps?
I want to use VPN in all connection through my app.
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Can't generate EDU SDK keys
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Legacy SDK update
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Trying to get ELM Liscense, but it tells me I already have one (I dont)
Hi,  Like I said in the tilte. It tells me to revoke the one I have, or wait for it to expire (I dont have any active, only 4 expired and 2 revoked) Is there a solution?  
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installation problem of previsously signed apk on galaxy s10
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My device have a problem about Knox
When I call EnterpriseLicenseManager.activateLicense to get ELM authentication from my device, I get the following error: [Error Log]
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GPS Week Number Roll Over
Hi, As you may know, the 6th of April was a special day, GPS Week Number Roll Over day.
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Android Oreo Go Edition
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Cannot disable allowFactoryReset
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Android application with Samsung KNOX
  Hi all,
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installApplication error codes
Using the methods updateApplication or installApplication is it possible to know the error code in case of install exception, instead of only having the boolean value these methods return?
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Is this function setGPSStateChangeAllowed available in Android Enterprise workspace ?
HI Team   I was using location policy for KNOX container like this -
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Error loading C++ remote desktop client lib on SM-G532M
When I try and load or or the legacy on a SM-G532M (Android version 6.0.1) I get an error that
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Android 9 setMobileDataRoamingState not working
On Android 9, using the Knox API, the method setMobileDataRoamingState is not working.
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Android 9 resetPasswordWithToken not working
On a Samsung with Android 9, I'm testing the method resetPasswordWithToken for a specific functionality but with no success so far.  Here's the code I'm using:
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