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packageManager.hasSystemFeature("") returns true on non-Knox device
Some non-Knox devices require Knox activation on Android Enterprise, Device Owner mode.
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How to Check if a Device Supports Knox?
Hi, As I understand from the links below Samsung M20 is not supported by Knox Standard SDK.
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Can I use knox sdk for wearable when creating a glaxy watch app with visual studio .net?
I am creating a glaxy watch app with visual stuio .net and I want to use knox sdk for wearable. Can I use this?
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How to set MVNO values in ApnSettings on devices running Android 9 with KNOX API level 28?
I tried to follow the Java sample code on
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removeLockScreen() on Android 9 devices
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XCover 4 Android 9. Xcover-button to trigger action
Hi The XCover button on XCover 4 seem to be improved since the Android 9 update. Now it is possible to launch an app using the XCover button button from the lock screen.
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Knox Features: disabling home & recents key
I tried adding multiple versions of Knox SDK in a sample Android project.
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SEAP Partner Application Pending
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React Native Apps
Hi, sorry, for the basic question.
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SDP with KNOX work profile?
Back in 2016, Samsung announced that Android for Work Profiles beginning with Knox 2.6 would benefit from SDP in the email app and chamber inside the work profile container (
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API to capture ROM information
Information about ROM version can be obtained, manually, via the telephone keypad, in Samsung Galaxy devices. You enter *#1234# on the keypad, and version info will be displayed, like that:
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Escrow token is disabled on the current user
Got exception when calling DevicePolicyManager.setResetPasswordToken in Knox MDM app on Samsung 585 Android 8.1.0
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Add Dynamic/programmatically Permissions
Can add following pernission from java code/programmatically in project.
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Install Knox SDK using Visual Studio for Xamarin Wearable Project
I need to create a xamarin wearable app. For this, I have added Tizen SDK but for the next step, I need to add Knox SDK in my Visual Studio project structure.
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Sdk 64 bits version
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The license activation works on one device but doesn't work on toher
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Knox Manage Blank Page Issue
We have a Samsung Tab configured with KNOX Manage , and whenever we push a new APK and restart the device  and do not unlock the device right away(wait for 1 min to unlock) , then The App never sta
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Read out Bluetooth mac address and use of Bluetooth in Work Profile/Knox Workspace
We have several customer using a Swedish app named Phoniro care, which is on Google Play and can be app configured via Appconfig on Managed Google Play.
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Messages app notifcation missing in Kiosk mode
Hi When I use my Kiosk launcher app and activate this on my Samsung device all seems to work fine. Background picture, buttons, apps and their position on screen.
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