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Apps restarts on attaching galaxy tab to car cradle

Hi, We have a salesforce app which when connected to car cradle restarts itself. We have tried many fixes but the problem is still persisting and app restarts everytime.

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Spen pressure data

Hi, We need to obtain pressure data from the spen to capture a handwritten signature with biometric data

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Spen get Pen touches information

Good morning people!  

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Spass Cordova Plugin

Me and couple of my co-workers are interested in working with Samsung pass with the help of the "Cordova Plugin". In the below mentioned link we've found that SPass has a plugin already built. 

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Bluetooth stops responding.


0 2 2 years 3 weeks
Cordova SHealth Plugin

SHealth provides only three data permissions, which are Heart rate, Sleep and UV exposure.

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Often Bluetooth GATT falls into strange error loop

The flow starts from the call to:

3 2 2 years 9 months
How to open google map app from KNOX workspace

i want to open google map application  from our cordova application  install in KNOX workspace

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Hand-writing recognition language preference via API available?

Hello, I localized the great Cordova example app a bit and posted the capture at my company blog.

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SPEN Cordova support for converting hand written text to normal text with Galaxy Tab A

We want to use SPEN cordova plugin to convert hand writtern notes to normal text on Galaxy Tab A. We are using Oracle MAF to develop the mobile app. Can you send us some guide on that

3 1 3 years 2 months
Ruled or Lined Surface View on SpenPageDoc.

Dear Team, As i am using Spen SDK and I need to enable the ruled Surface View on SpenPageDoc like normal ruled pages.  is that possible ?.  if yes can you help me out.

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The sdk zip file is empty?

Unable to download the Samsung cordova sdk.  The file either fails or the zip is empty?

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Multi Window clash with StatusBar plugin

If you include cordova-plugin-statusbar ( in your Cordova app and Multi

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Rich notification with KNOX enabled app

Our richnotificaltion are working well before we enabled KNOX security. Is there any additional setting that we need to do to send Rich notification.

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Spen Integration

Hi, I have tried integrating cordova spen plugin in note 5 samsung phone.But when i deploy the build to phone at that time itself it is crashing. And my log shows the below error:

7 1 3 years 8 months
[Rich Notification Plugin] - Notification Not Sent to Gear S2

Hi, I have integrated Samsung Cordova Plugin for Rich Notification in my MAF application.

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KIOSK mode

Hi,   I didn't find the answer in the documentation so I thought I put my question here:

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Samsung Spen Cordova Plugin - issue on integration


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Your plugins are open source: Where can I get support for them?

Can I send in my questions?

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Will you maintain or add new features to these plugins?

Should I keep checking back for updates?

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