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Android 6.0.1 on Samsung: BLE discovery scan stops when phone is locked

I have developed an application that needs to run a continuous BLE scanning, because it has to check that all the surrounding peripherals are transmitting.

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Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) after screen capture with RemoteDesktop

I'm having trouble implementing the screen capture feature listed here:

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Sample app for Knox Enabled App

Can I get a sample app to start "Knox Enabled App"

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Knox 2.8

Hello to everyone!   I'm new in this domain and my problem is that i don't find the app Knox 2.8, i'm looking for it 3 days now....

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Outdoor mode brightness setting

Hi Team, I need to enable/disable 'Outdoor Mode' brightness settings in Samsung devices to change device brightness programatically. I am not finding any Android API to do so. 

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Knox Enabled App

Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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Knox Mobile Enrollment - Device Owner support


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How to capture image using Intent(MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE) with MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT?

I was wondering how to achieve this, When I tried to call it with KEA

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Unable to generate Knox Development license keys

I need to create license keys for development  of a KEA and as mentioned in, url

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Hi... I'm curious..

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About VR20M7070WS/TW

你好! 我買了VR20M7070WS / TW。 你可以給我設備的API代碼嗎? 謝謝。

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CC Mode Android Nougat (7.x)-BlackBerry UEM

Greetings, I have downloaded and added CC Mode for 7.0 onto my BlackBerry UEM Server. I have read the requirements:

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Getting error message when attempting to access device's photo gallery

Are there any restricts on accessing the device's camera while app is Knox enabled?

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Encountering Error adding public keys for Knox Enabled App: "Error binding KEA license key and package"

I'm trying to get a feel for the workflow of developing a Knox Enabled App.

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KLM and ELM licenses : how can we verify number of activated licenses?

Hi, We have bought a number of production licenses. How can we verify the number of liceneses activated?

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Kox Enable App and Customization SDK

Hi all, I would like to know if Customization SDK calls can be inititiated by an application running inside a KEA Container.

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Cannot deploy/debug to Knox Workspace

Device: Samsung S7 Knox: 2.6 Android: 6.0.1

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Phone(Dialer)Application is not getting launch from custom Kiosk Lock


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Checking for default Tap&Pay app through CardEmulation.isDefaultServiceForCategory

Hi all, We are working on an application that (much like Android Pay) is able to pay at NFC enabled terminals using Host Card Emulation.

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Android HCE on KEA

  Hallo, i am developing an app with NFC HCE capability and configure it as a KEA. the purpose of this app is to save user data into knox secured area.

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